lucky colors of the year 2020: blue, white, and gold

Surround Yourself With These Lucky Colors In 2020 For All The Positive Vibes

Feng Shui, or "wind-water" in English, is the roughly 5,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of using energy to bring harmony to an environment. In feng shui, color is the strongest expression of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), and wearing the right color(s) or bringing them into your home can allegedly bring good luck. 2020’s lucky colors are gold, white and blue. Here’s what you need to know to style yourself lucky this year.

First off, it helps to have a better understanding of feng shui before you try to apply the lucky colors to your wardrobe.

“I say that feng shui is a method of mindfully arranging your environment to support you,” says Karen Rauch Carter, the feng shui consultant and author of the books Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and Make a Shift, Change Your Life, to Romper. This can be applied to your home as much as your clothing. "By using feng shui principles you can ensure that your wardrobe gives you the sensation of well-being," feng shui practitioner Sally Painter tells Romper.

But the important thing, explains Carter, is that you are addressing specific problems and goals in order to use feng shui successfully.

In addition to the lucky feng shui colors of 2020, each Chinese zodiac sign also has its own lucky color for the calendar year (the year of the Rat) which are as followers per

Rat: red yellow

Ox: pink

Tiger: gray

Rabbit: pink, yellow

Dragon: red, ruby, gray

Snake: light yellow

Horse: white and silver

Goat: gray

Monkey: yellow and bright pink

Rooster: pink and blue

Dog: yellow

Pig: bright red and yellow

All in all, use your lucky color(s) with purpose. You could also dive even further into research and familiarize yourself with what each feng shui element color intentionally means, advises Carter. For instance, when someone asks her what they should wear to a job interview, she suggests blue because it suggests loyalty. Meanwhile, red suggests power. As a default, you can always stick to 2020’s gold, white, and blue, symbols of power, peace, and trust, or your own lucky colors according to your zodiac sign. Can't go wrong with either in 2020.