Here's What We Know About 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Vans Collection

“Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” Well here you go: Vans is giving us the best Halloween gift of all this year. The Nightmare Before Christmas Vans have been announced, and are hopefully dropping Oct. 31. But so far, there’s not really any information on the Vans website, except for a prompt where you can sign up to be alerted when the collection becomes available. But folks on Instagram and Twitter are pretty jazzed, and some Vans accounts and Disney accounts are giving us a few sneak peeks, including the Insta @disneynews55.

And it looks like the Nightmare Before Christmas line will be available in the Authentic, Old-Skool, Slip-On, and Sk8-Hi styles for between $70 and $75, according to HypeBeast. Vans in the Authentic style feature a spooky — yet hip — black and white graphic featuring all of your favorite characters all over the shoe, and the Sk8-Hi style has a black and purple design featuring Sally, the Zombie Band, and Zero the dog, with the “Nice work, bone daddy” line from the saxophone player "emblazoned inside the leather heel," the website reported.

The Old-Skool Vans are spooky lime green and have purple stripes. And guys, even Oogie Boogie and Lock, Shock, and Barrel make it onto The Nightmare Before Christmas Vans on this particular pair. And last but definitely not least, the slip-ons feature a take on Jack Skellington’s bow tie and blazer. These are the coolest in my opinion because of their subtlety.

Looks like The Nightmare Before Christmas is suddenly booming with popularity this year — more so than usual — so these Vans are no surprise. For more collector's pieces from your favorite movie, definitely check out Build-A-Bear's Jack Skellington and Sally bears, with the Jack Skellington Bear bundle including a voice box that plays, "This Is Halloween," and Sally's bundle including a voice box that plays "Sally's Song." Also, these bears are just too cute for words, and the perfect amount of spooky.

And if that's still not enough The Nightmare Before Christmas for you, don't fret, because you can find a "Sally Dress" at Shop Disney, featuring the iconic Sally patchwork all over. It's really beautiful and will be the perfect dress for any Halloween shenanigans you may get into this Halloween, whether you're trick-or-treating, passing out candy, or heading to a Halloween party. Maybe this special dress will pair nicely with a pair of these rad Vans. If you're really a super fan, there really is no such thing as being too over-the-top and extra when it comes to your favorite movie of all time.

OK, guys, now you should really head over to the Vans website to sign up for an alert when these spooky shoes are available. You definitely don't want to miss this collection, not only for you, but also for the perfect early Christmas gift for mega fans in your family. I mean the movie does cover both holidays. So hop to it, “For it is plain as anyone can see, [you and these new Vans are] simply meant to be.”