The One Thing To Cut Out Of Your Life In 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Kristina Johnson

The start of a new year is a perfect time to reassess what's going on in your life. We may already be a few weeks into 2019, but it's never too late to commit to making changes that will make you happier and healthier in the year ahead. Astrology is one fascinating way to gain some perspective and insight into yourself and your behaviors, for better or worse. If you're curious about the one thing to cut out of your life in 2019 based on your zodiac sign, you might be surprised by what you should let go of this year.

I spoke with astrologer Helene Cierzo of Heart House Astrology to see what changes each sign should make in 2019. Whether it's a bad habit, bad relationship, or something more abstract, saying goodbye to these things could make a huge positive impact on your life for the year ahead. And while not everyone believes in astrology, I think anyone can agree that cutting unhealthy and/or negative influences out of your life for any reason can only be for the best.

Here's a look at the one thing you should banish from your life this year, according to your sun sign.


Aries will be heavily focused on their career and achieving their dreams this year, according to Cierzo. But they'll need to recognize that they won't be able to stay on top of work if they're taking on too much at home, too. So this year, Aries needs to let go of the belief they can do it all, because it will only hold them back. "They have to let go of some family responsibilities... maybe get a housekeeper or someone to help clean up a little, or an extra pair of hands with the kids so you can balance your work and going after your dreams."


Taurus will also be all about making career moves this year according to Cierzo, which means they'll need to cut out partying to make sure they stay focused. "They need to give up a little of their socializing time because they really need to work hard," she says.


Geminis may need to cut some relationships out of their lives this year. "This could be a partner or a really good friend that you’ve been deep with for years, but they’re toxic," Cierzo says. Releasing unhealthy attachments that are no longer making you happier will make your 2019 much brighter.


Any Cancer feeling jerked around by a partner who's not all in on their relationship would do well to put their foot down this year, Cierzo says, adding that any partner who isn't going to "seal the deal" has to go: "Anyone who’s not deeply committed to them, that’s what they need to release."


Leo needs to say goodbye to self-sabotaging behaviors in 2019, says Cierzo. "Any behaviors that aren’t really for their best interest, like eating bad foods or smoking or drinking too much." Instead, she says Leos should turn their focus toward developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. “Make sure they take care of their body.”


Virgos should finally put old grudges and bad blood to rest this year, according to Cierzo, especially if it's with a relative. "If there was any conflict with any family member in the past, they need to let go of that, because Jupiter in the house of home is really giving the opportunity to have healing this year," she explains.


Libra's year is going to be all about self-improvement, and that could mean finally breaking long held-habits they'd be better off without, according to Cierzo. “There could be deep patterns that are conditioned from childhood that they can release this year.”


Scorpios will be very focused on their career, finances, and success this year, and they won't have any time for people who try to divert their focus. "They’ll let go of some people that just want to gossip, because they’re very serious-minded this year," Cierzo says.


It will be high time for Sagittarius to cut out poor spending habits in 2019, says Cierzo. "They need to learn how to be frugal. Stop buying those expensive brand names, try to be more cost effective… They’re really meant to learn to budget." On a similar note, Sagittarius should also say goodbye to some of their stuff by taking stock of their possessions and decluttering and donating.


Capricorns are often said to be highly independent, and while that can be a positive thing, it can also lead to putting up walls. In 2019, Capricorns should let go of their need to prove themselves by going it alone, and instead let other people in. "They’re so independent and so goal oriented, but they need to integrate a partner. They need to integrate other people,” Cierzo says.


If you're an Aquarius, now is the time to stop procrastinating and take action on the things that need addressing in your life according to Cierzo. “Stop just vegging out. Get off the couch and do something... Organize your health, your routines, your house, your diet.”


A Pisces' circle of friends could grow smaller in 2019, Cierzo warns. "Your friends won’t really be there for you right now." There may not be any bad blood, but instead just time or circumstances that lead you to drift apart. It's still OK to let it go, though. "You’re just going to release anyone who’s not really aligned with you."