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Jack Won The Second Whacktivity Power On 'Big Brother' & He Has More Power Now

When Ovi won the first Whacktivity power, it really set the bar high. If he gets back in the game, he can use his power to anonymously force whatever Head of Household is in power to change the nominees. So when Jack won the second Whacktivity power on Big Brother Sunday night, it was a little anticlimactic. His power allows him to force a redraw for any one Power of Veto drawing. So in the event that names are drawn to compete in the comp and he doesn't like his odds or wants to help a friend on the block out, he can stand up, use his power, and force the redrawing of names.

Unlike Ovi’s power, Jack’s won't change the nominated houseguests, but it would give him some leeway in the event that he or a close ally is on the block and needs more allies to play in the Veto to help him or her get off the block for eviction. It can also be used until there are six people left in the game.

So while it may not be as impactful as the first power, the second Whacktivity power on Big Brother might be better left for playing the long con. Right now, it doesn't have much weight, but if Jack is still alive and kicking much later in the season and can use it when there are only a handful of players left, it could change things for him in a major way.

The competition for the second Whacktivity power definitely reflected how powerful the prize is. At least, for now. Whereas Ovi, Holly, and the other houseguests who competed in the first competition had to identify different smells and go back and forth between the makeshift forest and their individual cabins, Michie, Jack, and the others simply had to find three matching snakes to place in tanks next to their plastic counterparts. It might have been a little icky if you have a snake phobia, but it seemed to last no more than two minutes per houseguest.

It makes sense, then, that the prize isn't something so monumental that it gives the power holder the ability to swipe the Head of Household for themselves or takes power away from someone. Instead, Jack now has the Whacktivity power to hold onto until it really matters. And eventually, it could make a world of difference for more than one player’s game.

Although the second Whacktivity power might not be as immediately monumental and game-changing as the first one, that means the third and final power could lay somewhere in the middle. And because fans will have to wait a little while before they see the third Whacktivity power and competition, some have started to speculate about what comes next.

One fan on Twitter theorized that the final power could have something to do with taking away specific votes on an eviction night. Depending on who is on the block and who is voting, that could make a huge difference when and if the time comes. Other fans tweeted that the second power might have been about adding a third nominee on the block, so since that hasn't happened yet, that’s still a possibility for the third power.

Unfortunately, that doesn't make Jack’s Whacktivity power any more interesting at this point in the game. Technically, he can use it once at any time in the next few weeks, but it will serve a more important purpose when he really needs it later this season. Until then, he can play the long con and continue to convince some of his fellow houseguests and alliance members that he too lost the comp.