The 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Family Gets The Flu & I'm Scared For Courtney & Eric

Courtney and Eric Waldrop are living my worst nightmare in the Jun. 18 episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets. Although raising nine kids can be a challenge in itself, just try to imagine what it's like when one of them gets sick. Well, actually, you don't even have to picture it because that's exactly what the Waldrops went through — and they lived to tell the tale. In this exclusive clip for the episode, fittingly titled "The Flu Scare," the Sweet Home Sextuplets family gets struck by flu season, and it's just as nerve-wracking as you might think.

The clip starts when Saylor returns home from school. As he groggily marches up to his mom, he tells her that he isn't feeling well. When Courtney asks what is wrong with her son, Saylor replies, "My throat and chest are hurting. A lot of people at our school had the flu."

"Oh no," the Waldrop matriarch says. "This is not what I want to hear." Same, Courtney. Same.

The preview clip then jumps to Courtney in a quick confessional segment, where she shares her fears of a flu outbreak in the Waldrop household. "This is not good," she says. "If he has the flu... oh my goodness, how are we gonna keep the whole family from getting it? This could turn into a nightmare."

Flashing back to the original sequence, Courtney grabs a thermometer to check Saylor's temperature, which comes out at 102.5 degrees. It's official — Saylor has the flu. And so it begins.

With 11 people living under one roof, it's been a miracle that the Waldrops made it this far without a hitch. In the confessional booth, Courtney touches on their luck with the sextuplets' health.

"Last year, our biggest fear was the babies getting the flu, especially coming home from the NICU as preemies," Courtney says. "It could have been deadly, but by the grace of God, they dodged the flu and none of my kids got it."

But now, it looks like a flu-storm is brewing, and Courtney and Eric will have to do everything they can to keep their nine kids healthy. Continuing the clip, Courtney tells Saylor to wash his hands and stay away from the baby room. She then calls Eric and tells him the bad news.

"Oh my goodness," Eric says with a hint of panic in his voice. "Now we're going to have to quarantine him if that's possible. You know, it'd be best to keep him away from the babies for right now."

In another confessional — this time with Eric — Courtney explains that when one of your kids gets the flu, they all get it, too. "Then we're going to have nine kids with the flu," she says. "That's just a scary thing because you hear of young kids dying from the flu."

The clip then jumps back to the original scene and Courtney is clearly is distress. "I don't know what we're going to do if everybody gets the flu in our house," she tells Eric over the phone. "Oh my goodness, that's going to be so hard."

Eric then sympathizes with his wife and tells her, "Just do what you can do, and I'll get home as soon as I can."

When TLC announced that the Waldrops would have to manage a family flu outbreak during Season 2 of Sweet Home Sextuplets, I don't think I understood the gravity of the situation. From the clip, I could physically feel Courtney's stress over the whole thing. She knows she's going to be overwhelmed with nine sick children in the near future. And TBH, I'm stressed just thinking about it.

Sweet Home Sextuplets airs Tuesday nights on TLC.