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If You're A Taurus, 2020 Could Be A Big Year For Career & Cash Flow

With a new year just around the corner, even the most casual followers of astrology are wondering what the stars predict for the next 12 months. Of course, the direction your journey will take depends on your sign. Born under the sign of the bull? The Taurus horoscope for 2020 suggests you're in for a pretty significant year, according to experts.

Matthew Hinson, a professional astrologer with The Ultraviolet Oracle, tells Romper that 2020 is going to be a year of completion for Taurus following the end of the decade. "2020 is a big fresh beginning year for Tauruses. A lot of changes have already happened. But I would emphasize that astrology is what the universe does in response to your actions," says Hinson. "This year, Taurus did the work. They fixed what needed to be fixed. Now they're going to reap what they have sown."

One major event to keep in mind will happen around August 20, when Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, says Annie Larson, certified Hellenistic astrologer and bimonthly horoscope contributor to Posh Seven Magazine.

"Uranus is the awakening," she tells Romper. "That's a good thing. That gives us a break." But she also predicts potential situations with partnerships. "Both for Gemini and Taurus I see partnership issues because of Venus retrograde," Larson says.

With an awakening comes new perspectives, so it makes sense that this new year is also all about evolution, according to “This year, the effects are rippling out into all areas of your life. It’s exciting, but can also be disorienting — for you and everyone else,” the site explained. If that sounds scary, fear not. Your courage is up and you’re ready to explore new opportunities, reported CafeAstrology.

Some of your extra grit and gumption may be due to a season of feeling extra supported (all the more reason to explore new opportunities such as travel and continued education). And CafeAstrology recommended looking for a boost in power starting in the spring, when “ambition increases" along with "enjoyment of what you’re doing and where you’re headed."


But with all this new energy and enthusiasm for life, Taurus will need to pace themselves. “You will have to consider many things this year when it comes to making changes," warned Sun Signs. "This may make it hard to stay focused, but you need to try your hardest."

Let’s talk cash flow and career. You can expect to see growth on both fronts, as the AstroTwins wrote on Astrostyle, as long as you keep an open mind and learn to let go of whatever is holding you back:

"In 2020, trust that all your meandering has the potential to guide you into a fulfilling future. The more 'purposefully uncomfortable' you can make yourself, the stronger and wiser you’ll feel when the ball drops on 2021."

The AstroTwins explained that Venus, which rules Taurus, will help to grow your bank account throughout the year (a series of eclipses in your "financial axis" will also contribute):

"The boost probably won’t be enough to afford you a private island, but it will keep steady cash flowing in, which is music to your security-loving ears." And when the eclipses hit your "house of big money on June 5 and December 14," you could be looking at "a fruitful sale of property, a deal that pays you in royalties, or a chance to be a ground floor investor in a savvy startup."

It all comes down to making sure you're operating from a healthy place.

"Last thing about Taurus," Hinson says, "They need to make sure they have the correct priorities. Remember Taurus, you and the people you love are benefitting from what you’re doing. It can't live a you, you, you type life. Taurus need to avoid being too self-interested."

Keep all of the above in check, Taurus, and you can expect a healthy, happy, and profitable new year.


Matthew Hinson, professional astrologer, The Ultraviolet Oracle

Annie Larson, certified Hellenistic astrologer, psychic medium, Reiki healer