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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Naturally Good Parents, From Lions To Bulls & Beyond

Every parent has their strengths and flaws. (I myself am fantastic at reading bedtime stories and having heart-to-heart talks, but I nag more than I should.) Astrologically speaking, however, there are certain zodiac signs that are naturally great parents, so much so that they almost seem fated to have children (and if they don't, they're probably amazing as aunts, uncles, godparents, and fur-baby parents).

"My picks for the top four parents are Cancer, Taurus, Leo, and Pisces," declares LA-based pop-culture astrologer Kyle Thomas, who has been widely interviewed in the media and is the resident astrologer for @Horo.ScopesDaily and other outlets.

"They're all very affectionate, passionate, giving signs," he tells Romper via email. These four sun signs are also known for their protective nature and love of home and family, which are fine qualities in any parent.

No disrespect meant to any of the other eight signs. All of them have personality aspects that make them excellent parents in their own right, Thomas affirms. For example, Aquarius parents may not be as domestic as Taureans, but they will "reveal their affection to their children by showing them new experiences, whether that's through media, travel, or education." Free-spirited Sagittarius parents encourage their kids to take chances and explore the world around them. Scorpios are "strong and devoted," says Thomas, and willing to do anything to ensure their children are provided for. On the flip side, the four signs Thomas cites have their weak points, despite their natural parenting instincts. Cancers have to guard against moodiness, Leos against overreacting, Taurean parents against stubbornness, and Pisceans against being impractical.

Read on for more details about the zodiac's top parents. If you're one of them (or were raised by one), you have reason to be proud.


Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Ruled by the Moon, the traditional symbol of motherhood, "the Cancer mother is the natural-born caregiver of the zodiac," declares Thomas. "She's in her favorite element, and domesticity comes second nature to her." He adds that Cancer parents are highly sentimental; they're the ones who actually hang on to those precious school drawings and put together scrapbooks of family vacations. (If you polled the people on line at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, you'd probably find a majority of Cancer-born parents there.) As AstroStyle reported, this sign rules the chest area, so Cancer moms take naturally to breastfeeding. True, Crabs can be, um, crabby at times, and their children learn quickly not to tread on their feelings. "When you've crossed the line, they'll absolutely make you work for it to get back in their good graces!" says Thomas.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

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Like the Cancer parent, Taurus moms and dads are excellent nurturers. Their kitchen is always stocked with comfort foods, and you won't catch them unprepared when their child has a skinned knee or a sore throat. Bull-born parents love entertaining, says Thomas, so they'll plan their kids' birthday parties carefully and make sure they go off without a hitch. Astrostyle noted that because Taurus thrives on routine, their children know the security of a predictable day. You can count on them to be there for basketball tournaments and PTA meetings. They also tend to be a bit helicopter-ish, says Thomas: "The Taurus mother is very possessive of those she loves, and while she says she likes to give them freedom, she's secretly making sure they don't get hurt or into trouble."


Leo (July 23-August 22)

"The Leo mother is fierce, fabulous, and always youthful!" says Thomas, and that goes for Lion dads as well. They're their children's biggest supporters, he adds, "highly encouraging them to pursue their passions and stand out from the crowd." While they're proud of their kids' accomplishments (they see it as a reflection of themselves), Leos love their families just the way they are. Elite Daily added that Leos are no-nonsense when it comes to enforcing rules (their kids learn early not to try getting around Mom), but even more ferocious if anyone tries to hurt their children. Children of Leo parents know that they can talk about any subject openly with their folks — "there's no point in hiding things when the lion is around," says Thomas — and in return, the Lion will be upfront about sharing their own feelings and experiences. A Leo mom is "typically quite popular," Thomas adds, not to mention demonstrative in her affections. The kids may be a little embarrassed by all the public hugs and kisses, but they'll never doubt that they're loved.


Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Imaginative and sensitive, Pisceans are the parents who teach their children to believe in fairies and Santa long after other kids have become skeptics. The Pisces mom or dad "wants not only to be the parent and mentor to their children, but also their best friend," explains Thomas. He adds that they have an uncanny ability to know instinctively what their kids are feeling. If a child has a fight with a friend at school, the Pisces parent will know something's wrong even before the child comes home. Momscope noted that Fish-born people have a deep love of the arts. Pisces parents love taking their kids to museums and plays, introducing them to different genres of music, and breaking into spontaneous dance sessions. Like Cancer, Pisces is an emotional water sign, and when their feelings are hurt, they can be guilty of playing the guilt card with their kids, explained AstroStyle. But they're equally sensitive to others' emotions; you'll never find a Pisces parent saying, "Don't cry," "Toughen up," or "You shouldn't feel that way."