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Play These 'Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' Board Games & Pretend You're A Celeb

If you can't get enough of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you can now bring late night laughs to your next game night — sort of, anyway. There are three hilarious new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon board games that you can play at home, and they'll sound wonderfully familiar if you've seen some of Fallon's gut-busting segments.

The three games are based on recurring sketches from the show. There's "Box of Lies," the "Face It Challenge," and the "Best Friends Challenge." If you're not a regular Fallon viewer or you're just not familiar with any or all of those skits, do yourself a favor and head on over to YouTube right now — you're in for some seriously funny stuff.

The premise of "Box of Lies" (both the skit and the game), is this: you open a box to reveal a secret, likely bizarre object (in the case of the game, it's simply written on a card) that stays hidden from your opponent. You'll then either lie about what it is, or tell the truth — it depends on whether you've flipped a truth or lie tile. The goal is to trick your opponent about whether you're fibbing or not, so you'll need some good acting skills to pull off a win. You might want to study the strategy of Chris Pratt, who handily beat Fallon three straight times in his Tonight Show appearance. The game comes with 150 double-sided mystery object cards, so you should get plenty of play in before you start running into repeats.

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The "Best Friends Challenge" game has quite a few twists that its counterpart on the show does not. On the show, Fallon and his famous guests simply answer trivia questions about each other (you have to see who he guesses was Ariana Grande's first celebrity crush). In the board game, however, you and your partner need to give the same answers to "Would you rather... ?" type questions. Oh, and did I mention you two will be attached via a heart locket belt? Give matching answers and the locket will be turned, pulling the two of you closer together and closer to a win. Wrong answers, though, mean you have to pick a Bonding Moment card — which usually entails having to perform a silly challenge while stuck together. The team that pulls the lowest number of Bonding Moment cards wins.

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The "Face It Challenge" game is very similar to the show version. You pick a card that gives you a facial expression to make, and all you've gotta do is hold it for 10 seconds without laughing. Sounds simple, right? But with cards like "Just bit into a lemon" and "Turning into a werewolf," keeping a straight face is anything but easy — just ask Bill Hader.

While late-night TV isn't always kid-friendly, these games are; in fact, they're all appropriate for children ages 10 and up. If you want to pick one up for your next family game night, they sell for $20 each and they're available on Amazon.com, Target.com, Walmart.com, and more.