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Maggie Could Return To 'The Walking Dead' Sooner Than Fans Think

Season 9 of The Walking Dead lost some big characters through deaths and voluntary departures, like Maggie and Rick, who were OG characters that had been with fans for years. Rick's send-off made a little more sense, but after the big mid-season time jump, Maggie was suddenly gone, on a sabbatical from her duties at Hilltop. No one knows for sure where Maggie is on The Walking Dead, but after last night's finale, there are some new theories.

The last time viewers saw Maggie, she was about to kill Negan but stopped herself and walked away, seemingly defeated. As much as Negan seems like he's trying to redeem himself, he is the guy who killed her husband, so she kind of had every right to want to get rid of him for good. Instead, Maggie walked away and, eventually, walked away from the communities altogether. Her name has popped up in conversations from time to time in the past few episodes, but no one has given a solid update on her whereabouts. Earlier in the season, someone said that she was with Georgie, the leader of another group, but there haven’t been any other solid details.

In fact, in the Season 9 finale, someone mentioned trying and failing to get a message to Maggie. Maybe she's in trouble or maybe she just doesn't want to be found right now. Regardless of where she is or if she will ever come back, fans are still trying to figure out Maggie's whereabouts.

She’s Being Held Captive Somewhere Far Away

On Reddit, CrashKeyss commented that both Rick and Maggie could be held captive somewhere, though it's likely that if that’s the case, they are in separate places. Maybe Maggie’s partnership with Georgie didn't go so well or there’s another bigger reason she left Hilltop to join her. We still haven’t seen the entire backstory of Maggie's departure and although it would make sense that she would want to leave the vicinity of Alexandria, where Negan is jailed, it’s still confusing why she left Hilltop.

She’s In Trouble With No Way Of Contacting Help

Another Redditor, maryssmith, recently posted that they believe Maggie is in trouble on The Walking Dead. They theorized that Maggie originally went with Georgie for a change of scenery and to play a diplomatic role in possibly bringing another community into the fold.

Instead, maryssmith wrote, Maggie found out that the goal of Georgie’s group is to take control over most of the region by way of taking the strongest people out of each community. So Maggie can't tell Hilltop what is going on through her letters and she can’t exactly leave Georgie’s group right now either. It’s a plausible theory, and one that could set things up for Maggie’s return in a couple of seasons, once The Whisperers are taken care of.

She Was The Voice On The Radio

In a way, this piggybacks on the theory that Maggie is in trouble somewhere out there, but on Twitter, on Walking Dead fan tweeted that the voice on the radio at the end of the Season 9 finale was Maggie. Because it wasn't a clear connection and the static changed the voice, it's hard to say who exactly put out a distress call on the radio, but it could have been the beginning of Maggie trying to get back to her people. The call did go right to Hilltop, after all.

Maggie Is On Her Way Back

Another fan on Twitter wrote that maybe all of the recent deaths mean that Maggie will be back soon. That doesn't tell us exactly where she is right now, but it does tell us where she might be soon. As in, back at Hilltop where she belongs. All of her most trusted advisers were killed in her absence and while that might send her down a spiral of self-loathing for a little while, it might also make her realize that she needs to lead Hilltop again.

She Might Be Closer Than Fans Think

One Redditor pointed something out about the letters Hilltop has semi-regularly received from Maggie. They said that to be able to send so many letters through carriers, since there is no official postal system anymore, she would have to be relatively close to Hilltop. This means that wherever Maggie went with Georgie could be within a reasonable distance and could mean that by the end of Season 10, after The Whisperers have been dealt with, Maggie could come home.

It’s hard to say if Maggie will ever be back for good, especially since Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, left The Walking Dead for a starring role in her own series on ABC. But Cohan has also hinted that she’s open to cameos in the future, so if that door is always open, then any one of these theories that puts Maggie back at Hilltop could be accurate.