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Only One 'Celebrity Big Brother 2' Contestant Can Win & It's Anyone's Game

Another Celebrity Big Brother season is about to end, but before you say goodbye to diary room breakdowns and competitions worthy of blooper reels, we have to get through the finale. There are more competitions and more surprise backdoors to play out before the winner can be crowned and given their prize money. Right now, there are five houseguests left and while it’s still unclear who wins Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, there are some fan theories that might make it a little easier to see how the last episode plays out.

Unfortunately, the one houseguest I was hardcore rooting for, Tom, was voted out before he could make it to the elusive final five. But that leaves Lolo, Kandi, Ricky, Tamar, and Dina, who all have a chance to win this thing. Obviously the wild card here is Dina. She’s managed to make it to the end of the season with no clear alliances or final two deals, and somehow she’s with the rest of these competition and social game beasts.

I’m also surprised that Tamar is still here after getting into so many arguments with her fellow houseguests. But somehow they have all made it here, and before the last competitions play out and the jury casts their votes, there are some solid theories about the Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 winner.

Kandi Wins After A Close Call

On Reddit, ApoIIoJustice wrote that the final showdown this season could be between two alliances — Kadi and Tamar and Lolo and Ricky. They theorized that it will be neck and neck between the two alliances and will eventually come down to the jury voting for Kandi as the winner. She hasn't ruffled too many feathers this season and unless she’s up against someone like Dina, who has no enemies at all, I can see her taking the win.

The Winner Takes All After A Final Round Of Betrayal

What’s Celebrity Big Brother without one final betrayal? Another fan on Reddit wrote that they could see Ricky, Tamar, and Kandi all go up against an unsuspecting Lolo and make a plan to take her out behind her back. After that, they wrote, Tamar could betray Ricky and take Kandi to the final two. So far, at least according to fan theories, Kandi’s future on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 is looking pretty good.

Dina Somehow Beats The Odds

Dina might not have played a good physical game, but by staying out of the way and being generally agreeable, she might have secured herself a spot in the final two. On Reddit, Butterfly627 said that it would be poetic if Dina wins, given that her BFF in the house, Jonathan, went out first.

Lolo Has It In The Bag

Lolo might have jumped from one alliance to the next this season, but it’s part of what kept her safe. She’s also been strong on her own in physical and mental competitions. And a fan on Twitter is sure that Lolo will come out swinging. If she makes it to final two, she will have to have the jury votes on her side, but even if she has betrayed anyone, they might at least respect her game.

Ricky Will Gain Control

There’s also a chance that Ricky will win Celebrity Big Brother Season 2. One fan on Reddit wrote that whether Ricky is up against Tamar or Lolo in the end, he’s going to win. I guess that means the Redditor thinks both Kandi and Dina aren't likely to make it to final two. But they definitely seem sure of Ricky taking home the win.

Regardless of who wins the season, most fans seem to at least be in agreement that Tom should be voted America’s Favorite Houseguest. Before viewers find out about that, however, one season winner will have to be crowned.