This Season's 'Challenge' Winner Could Be *Almost* Anyone

The vets are dropping like flies on The Challenge: War of the Worlds. If I had to guess ahead of the season who would come out on top, it would have been someone like Johnny Bananas, but he was out a lot sooner than anyone could have anticipated. Each week, one veteran player is sent packing and so many memorable vets are already gone. It’s still early, but fans do have some theories on who will win The Challenge this season and take home the $1 million prize.

For those who have watched The Challenge for years and know most of the returning players well, it’s easy to root for top competitors who have made names for themselves in the franchise. Other, newer fans, might be quick to vote for teams based on the rookies from shows like Big Brother and Ex on the Beach U.K. Either way, there are some strong teams so far this season.

While some fans might be certain that Paulie and Natalie will win it all, others are looking toward more subdued players like Gus and Jenna, who have remained (mostly) in the background of the drama. It still hasn't been revealed if the winning team will split the money or if the teams will eventually disperse and it will be every man and woman for themselves, but the game is getting fierce and Challenge fans have some ideas about who will win.

Someone You Least Suspect To Win Will Take The Money

It’s no secret that some contestants on reality shows are given certain edits by production to add more drama or focus more attention on them. On Reddit, alittlebluegosling wrote that some of the teams who haven't been at the center of the drama this season will likely make it further. "Production knows there's more time to show their storyline, as opposed to someone like Bananas, who was highlighted a lot in the first two episodes before he went home," they wrote. That means that teams like Paulie and Natalie, Cara and Theo, and Josh and Amanda could be out in the next few episodes.

Paulie & Natalie Already Have It In The Bag

Natalie and Paulie have been a powerhouse of a team since the first episode. They’ve won competition after competition and they both have the experience to get them far. Zach-The-Gaslighter on Reddit wrote that Paulie is coasting on Natalie’s hard work, meaning that they could make it as a team and win this thing. I don't know how far Paulie’s ego is going to take them, but they have been a strong team so far.

It Will Come Down To A Few Memorable Teams

While some fans may think the winner will be among the lesser known teams this season, Redditor shmalvey said that it will come down to a few obvious teams. They wrote that they think the teams with the most "realistic chances of winning" are Kam and Ashley, Wes and Dee, Paulie and Natalie, Cara and Theo, Hunter and Georgia, Turbo and Nany, and Bear and Da'Vonne. Those are a lot of teams, but they have all proven themselves in some way, so I could see one of them being The Challenge winner this season.

Hunter & Georgia Could Have What It Takes

Hunter and Georgia are another team who have already come far this season. While he has dealt with tons of drama with other veteran players, Georgia has remained a loyal teammate, staying loyal to her U.K. friends in the game too. According to moonchildcountrygirl on Reddit, Hunter and Georgia have the best chance out of all of the teams to win The Challenge this season. The Redditor wrote that Hunter and Georgia are on "a hot streak" after winning competitions and working to get both Johnny Bananas and Ashley out of the game. I can't say it’s the worst possibility.

Ash & Kam Will Surprise Everyone

Ash and Kam have been more background players than anything so far this season, but that may be in their favor. They haven’t really been targeted, but have proven themselves to do well in most competitions. On Reddit, minnykms said that they think Kam and Ash could win. "I think they are one of the strongest teams, and they seem to have a great partnership and rapport," the Redditor wrote. From what little we’ve seen of the team, they do seem to work well together and neither are currently drenched in drama, like a lot of the other teams. It’s a solid bet.

Nany Could Finally Get What She Has Worked For

I love a good redemption arc and The Challenge: War of the Worlds could be that for Nany. Redditor moonchildcountrygirl wrote that Nany and Turbo are both good competitors and have been loyal to each other. Therefore a win might be most well deserved if they took home the money. Nany has competed with the best of them, including Johnny Bananas, CT, and Zach, but she doesn’t have any season wins under her belt just yet. If she and Turbo could win The Challenge this season, it would be a huge break for her.

It might still be a little early to say who will win The Challenge this season, especially because there are still so many fierce competitors this season who are also out for blood. But that need for vengeance could be what does a lot of them in. And the remaining players will be left to battle it out to take home that prize money.