We Honestly Can't Believe These Adorable Slip-On Kids' Sneakers Are Only $17

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Just like most kids go through a phase of having a favorite item of clothing they prefer over all others, the average child likewise has a favorite pair of shoes they'd wear every day if they could. Wondering what your kid's go-to footwear of the spring and summer will be this year? Well, wonder no more: June & January has a new canvas shoe for a surprisingly low price that your little one will insist on wearing all day, every day... and you won't even mind.

As a mom of three, I've been through the "my kid will only wear this *one* pair of shoes, ever" thing enough to be able to spot a potential favorite children's shoe from a mile away... and this new canvas style is a contender if ever I saw one. First of all, it's super cute and colorful, which is almost more fun than going barefoot. And speaking of colorful, the fact that this shoe is available in five different shades teal, poppy, grapefruit, raspberry, and confetti dot means the odds are good that one of them might be your kid's favorite (or second favorite, at least).

Really, with the confetti dots option, you have pretty much all the favorite colors covered: If your kid's obsessed with green, guess what? Look at all those green polka dots!

But the colors aren't the only feature your kid will appreciate. What's the first thing about the shoe's design in this pic that jumps out at you?

Do you see what I see? Because I see a shoe that slips on, with no laces or velcro or hooks or anything else that will frustrate your child and his still-developing motor skills. Slip-on shoes are good for your kid (so confidence-building and independence-promoting!), but they're also good for you (so fast and non back-breaking!). Even better, if you didn't look twice, you might just assume these were unlaced big kid shoes. Like I said, confidence-building.

What's another feature on a kid's shoe that makes it absolutely indispensable? Imagine finding a pair that could grow with your kid's feet! Now that would be an indispensable shoe. Another crucial feature that actually exists is whether or not the child wearing the shoe can run around on various different types of surfaces without tripping, stumbling, or otherwise somehow sustaining a "slipppery shoe injury" (usually these come in the form of goose egg-shaped lumps on the forehead or back of the head, in my experience). The grip on these bad boys looks like it could take on a stretch of slick pavement without fear:

See what I mean? It's all about the non-skid, baby.

If you're a June & January fan (or even if you weren't until just now), you should also know that the brand is also introducing other just-launched items as part of its Confetti Collection; in addition to new colors of perennial faves like the Swing Dress and Knee Highs, there's also a brand new Fanny Pack and a Circle Purse (both for $15 each).

All of the above and more can be found on the June & January website, but don't wait too long before browsing... these instant classics are guaranteed to sell out fast!