Stop What You're Doing & Look At These 38 Pics Of Dogs With Santa

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Listen, it's common knowledge that dogs make every part of life better, including the holidays. Stockings hung on the chimney with care look sweet, but add a stocking for your pup that's filled with treats and toys and suddenly your mantle is movie-worthy. Kids playing in the snow make you smile, but it's a dog running around and diving into the winter fluff that will make your heart burst. Even the Grinch had a puppy for crying out loud. Dogs are clearly the key to unlocking that holiday magic, and here are 38 pictures of dogs with Santa to prove it.

These photos are adorable, hilarious, and you can't help but be really impressed by some of them. Not everyone likes posing for pictures with Santa (though check out the rundown on Soothing Santa, the perfect Christmas pal for kids with sensory challenges) and dogs aren't known for being the most cooperative models. But if you can manage to get a pic of your pup with a jolly old man in a red suit, it'll 100 percent be worth it.

Barkpost has some advice for anyone trying to get their dog to pose for a pic that can help you out when you take your pup to the mall for the Santa photoshoot, but if that seems like way too much effort, just check out these photos of dogs who've already experienced a bonding moment with St. Nick. They might not be your dog, but they're still adorable.


Pitbull Perfection

Yes, we can, Jennessy. That pup is definitely getting what they want for Christmas.


The Tiniest Christmas Lover

You can barely see the tiny pup in this adorable pic, and that somehow just makes the whole thing even sweeter.


That Twinkle In Their Eyes

I just want someone to look at me the way Cupcake looks sitting on Santa's lap.


Besties For The Resties

Someone came ready for their photoshoot moment. The only word that properly describes this image is majestic.


The Sassiest Good Girl

The attitude.


Pugtastic Pals

This good boy is so skilled at posing, he should be a professional. I'd hire him for all of my Christmas card needs.


Santa Is All Of Us

Contrary to popular belief, this image is actually what made the Grinch's heart grow three sizes, not the singing Whos.


All I Want For Christmas Is This Corgi

Behold, the five stages of discovering you're taking pictures with Santa.


So Manny Doggos

This collage is the most important thing to ever happen to the internet and you cannot prove otherwise.


Where Are My Treats?

Brb getting a picture frame ornament for this good boy. I don't even care that it's not my dog.


The Most Excited Pup Part Two

All of this puppy's dream came true.


When Your Parents Make You Go See Santa But You Just Wanted To Go To The Dog Park

There are so many kids who can relate to this pic.


Just Some Icons Living

The tongue warmed my cold, winter heart.


Double The Fun

Fun fact: Santa was given two arms so he could hold two dogs.


The Happiest Pair


The Ultimate Mood Booster

Petition to change the lyrics to "I saw my puppy kissing Santa Claus" immediately.


Feeling The Christmas Magic

I mean, I'd make the same face if I got to meet Santa, so I feel you, small dog.


On Donner and Dasher

I think you'll find Santa's sleigh will have some more adorable guides this year.


Holiday Cheer Everywhere

Why don't I look this cute when I stick my tongue out in pictures?


When Mom Wants A Pic But You See Treats Under The Tree

We can all relate.


When Santa Tries To Tell You Cats Are Just As Cute As Dogs.

What a comedian.


Puppy's First Christmas

It looks like Santa knows what he wants to get himself for Christmas now.


The Working Good Boys Meet The Man

Guide dogs + Santa = me crying.


The North Pole's Newest Hire

Frankly, who wouldn't trust that face to deliver toys all over the world?


So. Much. Love.

I've never wanted to trade places with someone so badly.


When Santa Tells You You've Been A Good Boy

Those are the eyes of someone imagining a stocking full of squeaky toys.


Jingle Bells, That New Puppy Smell, Santa Wants A Dog

I don't think Santa plans on letting go of that little guy anytime soon.


So Serious

Gigi takes presents very seriously, and I respect her for that.


The Cutest Creature To Ever Wear A Hat

Hi, how many golden retrievers are too many? Asking for a friend.


The Whole Gang

Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Paws? It's the highlight of the year for sure.


Over It

The face of someone who regrets the time he chewed up all of those shoes.


Joy To The World

I can't tell who's more excited: the pup, Santa, or me looking at the pic.


Santa's Favorite Helper

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


Doggo On The Run


Okay, so this isn't a traditional "mall Santa with pup" photo. That's okay, because it still includes a Santa (beard = Santa) holding a little dog in festive gear. And both of them look adorable.


A Tisket, A Tasket

Gillian Vann / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

A doggo in a basket! Usually it's the Easter Bunny who deals in baskets, but this puppy is a welcome gift no matter what sort of container he comes in.


Double The Fun

James D. Morgan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Santa couldn't be happier to have two dogs on his lap. One leg for each pup, right? A lot easier than trying to balance Dasher and Dancer.


Joint Selfie

Xinhua News Agency/Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

It looks like maybe this dog was a bit nervous and needed his owner's support? Or maybe the pup was just giving his mom and excuse to pose with Santa. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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