These 'AHS: Roanoke' Theories About The Butcher Are Incredibly Likely

by Caralynn Lippo

American Horror Story: Roanoke has surpassed all that came before it in terms of twists and turns. No prior installment has flipped the script on us as much as Roanoke's "Chapter 6" did. And while fans have always loved to theorize in regards to their favorite show, the enigmatic tone of Season 6 has made it a contender for the most-theorized season of any show, ever. Some theories have already wound up being confirmed, however, we're still waiting on a few others. In fact, some of the most promising theories left up in the air are the American Horror Story: Roanoke theories about the Butcher.

The Butcher (as played by Kathy Bates in "My Roanoke Nightmare") quickly became one of the most talked-about characters of the season from the moment she was introduced. Her tragic-turned-villainous backstory, her team-up with the mysterious forest witch, Scathach, and (of course) her epic accent, all made her one of the best antagonists AHS has had so far.

Now that the Butcher we've come to know and love (sorta) has been killed off, will we be dealing entirely with the real Butcher from now on? And how is she different from Agnes' dramatic re-enactment version of the character? These Butcher theories present a few potential answers to those questions and more.

There Are Now Two Butchers

According to the info viewers received courtesy of Elias Cunningham and Cricket Marlowe during "My Roanoke Nightmare," anyone who dies at the Butcher's hand on the Roanoke property gets consecrated to the earth – in other words, trapped there to do the Butcher's bidding for eternity.

Weirdly, fans haven't seen the "real" versions of Elias or Cricket, both of whom died on the land. But fans have seen the real Mason near the end of "Chapter 6." He was seen stalking real Lee in the house, so we know that what Elias and Cricket told the Millers is true. If this is the case, any of the victims of the Roanoke ghosts should, theoretically, be bound to the land as well.

By far the most popular new theory (courtesy of Redditor DrFlanigan) is that, given Agnes' death at the Butcher's hand on the Roanoke land, there are now two ghost Butchers – Agnes and the real Butcher herself. On the one hand, that's terrifying. But on the other hand, it's sort of sweet that the real Butcher killing Agnes wasn't the brush-off many thought it was.

Lee (Or Somebody) Made A Deal With The Butcher

Fact: No one knows what Lee was up to during those several hours in which she disappeared, while Mason was killed. According to Redditor alamborn19, Lee may have used that time for a tête–à–tête with the real Butcher – coming to an agreement that she would bring people back to the house for the slaughter in exchange for Flora's life.

Obviously, the Polks wouldn't have been in on that deal — hence cannibalizing Lee's leg. But it would explain why Lee was so eager and willing to return to the house for "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell."

Even if it's not Lee, Shelby could also have made a deal of her own. Ryan Murphy did say that Lee, Shelby, and Matt shouldn't be trusted.

Some Portion Of The Butcher's Story Was Fabricated

Redditor kfgold pointed out Agnes' seemingly insignificant comment about having been a fan-favorite on "My Roanoke Nightmare," to the point where she appeared in more episodes than originally intended. Kfgold posits that perhaps this means Sidney and the crew just fabricated a portion of the Butcher's story (like her backstory), just for an excuse to bring her back.

Everything's Fake Again

This is a larger season theory, but deals with the Butcher as well. Redditor Gengar_pl brought up the idea that, after everyone in the house (but one) dies, viewers will again find out that this was just a movie about a documentary about Roanoke. Then in Episode 10 everyone will finally go back to the real Roanoke. That would be aggravating, but I wouldn't put anything past this twisty season.