Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co

These Dachshund Sneakers Are So Cute, Your Kid Will Cherish (Read: Never Lose) Them

When you’re getting your child out the door, you just want to be able to shove on their shoes and go. That’s why these super cute Dachshund Sneakers for kids and babies from Rifle Paper Co. ($45) and Keds — or any slip-on style sneaker for that matter — can help make your a.m.’s less hectic.

The Keds couldn’t have come up with a cuter collection than its latest collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. The unisex baby and children’s dog-themed slip-on sneakers are available in infant sizes ($35) and kid sizes ($45). The shoes have a canvas upper featuring a sweet orange dachshund dog wearing a blue striped sweater. Half of his body is on the right foot, and the other half (including his tail) is on the left. Just looking at him all decked out gives us serious fall weather vibes. And the cute little canine is embroidered onto the fabric, which means that you won’t have to worry about it rubbing off like a sticker or iron-on might.

Some mornings, all it takes is one stalwart shoelace to make you and your child late for the school bus. That’s what’s so cool about these slip-on sneaks. No laces, Mama. No laces. (Yes, it bears repeating.) Until your child can tie her own shoelaces (around ages 4-5, reported Parents), any footwear that requires looping bunny ears over and under can be a challenge. And obstacles that impede you from getting out the door are just not meant to be on the morning menu.

To offer your child’s tootsies some extra support, the sneaks have a cushioned insole with the Rifle Paper Co.’s custom design along with the Keds logo, too. Come to think of it, there’s actually plenty of branding on the sneaker. The heel also features the traditional blue Keds logo, but there’s also a Keds tag on the side of the shoe. Having grown up as a proud Keds-wearing kid, I’m in total support of this design choice.

Since they’re a dark blue, you won’t have to worry about some clumsy classmate stepping on your child’s shoes and dirtying them up on the first day. But even if your little one does decide to walk through, say, mud, you can spot-clean them.

Of course the real star of these sneakers is the pooch. While separation anxiety is a real thing for pets when kids go back to school, your child might also miss his furry best friend as well. So if your kid dotes on his dog, having a cute woofie on his sneakers can feel like Fido is right there with him. All he has to do is just look down at his feet and remember that his beloved pooch is at home waiting for her.

The Double Decker Dachshund sneakers are available on both the Rifle Paper Co. and Keds websites. Both sides offer free domestic shipping and returns on all Keds. (Not that you would need the latter though.) So if you’re still searching for a perfect back-to-school outfit, these sneakers will have your child woofing her way to the head of the class.