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These 'I Love My Moms & Dads' Onesies Are Perfect For Pride

Your baby's Pride Month wardrobe has arrived. The Wing's new "I Love My Dads" and "I Love My Moms" onesies and toddler tees are the absolute cutest way to celebrate LGBTQ families. In fact, basically the site's entire new summer collection is an amazing way to celebrate life, love, family, and adorable design.

The adorable "I Love My... " tops are emblazoned with the sweet message below a colorful rainbow (which has been a symbol of gay pride since the 1970s, according to the Washington Post). The bodysuits are available in size 6 months, and cost $35. The toddler tees, meanwhile, come in sizes 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years. They also cost $35.

The release of these tops comes at an absolutely perfect time, just ahead of the start of Pride Month. Pride Month is celebrated every year in June (in commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots, according to the Library of Congress, which helped inspire the gay rights movement.) Communities all across the country mark Pride Month with fairs, festivals, and parades, and these tees couldn't be more perfect for wearing to family friendly festivities — MetroSource has a listing of Pride Events around the world where you can check to see what's going on where you live.

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As someone who spends way too much time browsing baby and toddler clothes online, I can't remember ever randomly coming across kids clothing that celebrates gay families. There are plenty of mom, dad, and generic parents shirts, of course, but all families should be able to find something that specifically represents them. It's amazing that The Wing is helping to fill that void. Plus, you're not just getting a ridiculously cute top when you order one of these bodysuits or tees. The company is donating 50 percent of the proceeds from the "I Love My..." shirts to, a non-profit that advocates for the rights of LGBTQ families. An awesome outfit plus a worthy cause equals a purchase that you can feel good about.

There are a pretty significant number of LGBTQ families out there that could benefit from this type of representation. Approximately 114,000 gay couples in America are raising families together, whether they're biological kids, adopted children, or foster kids, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. Those numbers could grow significantly over the next few years. A survey by the Family Equality Council found that about three-quarters of LGBTQ millennials plan on raising families someday, which is a big increase over earlier generations. As they grow in number and visibility, those families deserved to be acknowledged and celebrated just as much as any other type of family.

If the "I Love My Dads" or "I Love My Moms" onesies or toddler tees don't apply to you and your kids, but you still want to support The Wing for offering inclusive designs and supporting gay parents, there's so much else to shop for. There are the fun fruit salad patterned kids pajamas, ($26 for the top, $30 for the pants), which are available in sizes 12 months to 6 years. There's lots of cool stuff with a feminist bent, too, like the You Don't Own Me tote ($30), or the Band of Sisters sweatshirt ($50). With baby, kids, and adult items to peruse, chances are you'll find something perfect.