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These Kids At The Women's March Will Have You Pumped For The Future

One doesn't always associate kids with protest marches, but the Women's Marches seem to differ from other demonstrations in that regard (and so many others). Kids have been taking to the streets with their moms and dads since the very first march three years ago, and this year is no different. Whether in strollers and on shoulders, or marching with their own little feet — sometimes carrying signs they made themselves — photos of kids at the 2019 Women's March prove that the next generation is already preparing to take their parents' places in the fight for gender equality.

In fact, the focus on kids feels more crucial than ever this year, with thousands of children still separated from their families at the border. They have no way of speaking out, no way of asking for help or exposing their circumstances to the world. That's why seeing kids march this year seems so incredibly poignant: They march for children everywhere who don't have the same rights and freedoms. They march to remind the world that children grow up to be voters, policy-makers, politicians, and leaders. And whether or not the youngest of marchers fully comprehends any of this doesn't even matter. They are the messengers, and someday they'll look back and understand why it was all so important.

And they'll be glad there are photos like these as proof!


Girl Power

As if the coordinating unicorn hats and drawings weren't enough, these signs prove that rainbows and fluffy clouds are powerful indeed.


Ready To March

How excited does this little girl look? And who can blame her, with such awesome signs? ("Boys Will Be GOOD HUMANS!")


Dream It, Then Do It

Little girls with dreams (who live in a supportive society with equal opportunity) grow up to be women with vision (who have the resources and education to make their dreams come true).


Dad & Daughter Team

This dad in London is doing it right.


Dad & Daughter Team, Part 2

YASSSS, dad! What an amazing message for that little girl to be raised with: "Together our potential is monumental."


May We Raise Them

Let this be a mantra for every parent of girls today: "Here's to strong women: May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them."


Teen Spirit

Because teens are kids, too, and this is one of the best ways a teen girl could possibly spend her Saturday.


Channeling Cyndi Lauper



Strength In Numbers

And the more today's leaders show up for our kids, the stronger their future will be.


Thank U, Next

Truly, our kids have no time for this nonsense.


The Truth Hurts

And you guys, 4-year-olds have a lot of tantrums.


Feminism In Action

Fighting for what's right while just in high school? That's the dream... and the future.


Stay Woke

Enough said.