Courtesy of Horizon Group USA

Your Kid's Gonna *Love* Bath Time With This Baby Shark Tub Art Kit

Bathing and painting are no longer mutually exclusive, opposing forces thanks to… Baby Shark. Yep, this little creature has once again fundamentally altered what I know to be true about the world (most notably that a song whose primary lyrics are doo doo doo has the power to infiltrate my brain for weeks on end). These Baby Shark bath art sets will turn bath time into a full on art class, but that's okay, because they'll be right where they need to be to wash up.

The Baby Shark bath art sets are designed with young artistes (age 5 and up) in mind, and there are two different sets available. The smaller set which will retail for $7 comes with five washable crayons in bright colors; the chubby crayons are easy for slippery little hands to hold, plus fans of the shark family will love the three bath stickers showcasing Mommy, Daddy, and Baby.

Maybe you’re thinking… but my child is more of a multimedia artist, they won’t be happy creating with just crayons. Well, don’t worry, there’s a set for your kid, too! The more robust Baby Shark bath art set ($17) comes with three bath paints, ten stickers, eight crayons, and a plastic holder for the crayons. Everything easily washes away once bath time is over.

Both sets will be available to preorder on Amazon starting October 1, 2019. They'll start shipping later that month.

Courtesy of Horizon Group USA

Did I mention that each art set offers all the cuteness of baby shark without any of the noise? That’s right, unlike some of our other favorite baby shark bath toys, this one is silent and possibly even peaceful.

Not only is art in the tub novel and fun, the act of creating can have far-reaching benefits for children.

"Fostering creativity won't just increase your child's chances of becoming the next Picasso. You're also helping him develop mentally, socially, and emotionally," Lisa Ecklund-Flores, cofounder and executive director of Church Street School for Music and Art, in New York City, told Parents.

Courtesy of Horizon Group USA

Having paint and crayons that literally wash away as the bath ends is also an important and grounding lesson on the impermanence of things. Maybe it sounds simplistic, and it is, but that’s kind of the point. The idea that flowers, people, and things they make will not always exist in their original form is a powerful message to give kids early on. Sure, they put up a fight at first (understandably so) when their project washes away, but they may come to enjoy that every bath presents an opportunity to make something new.

“On a more everyday level, we can learn to accept, rather than fear, change at large. We can teach our kids that change is natural and that the best way to work with impermanence is to be grateful for every day because every day is different and unique,” said Krissy Pozatek, MSW, in an article written for MindBodyGreen.

At the very least, your paint-loving, Shark Rothko of a child may just inspire the next big art movement while in the bath; you'll call it da-da-da-daism.