Tired: Baby On Board Car Sign, Wired: The Child On Board Magnet

Normally, those popular, bright-yellow Baby on Board stickers get on my nerves, especially when the drivers still drive like jerks. But this Baby Yoda car magnet that states, “The Child on Board" is something I can definitely get behind. I am basically a Mandalorian, protecting my tiny little Jedi-power-wielding offspring with this. If only I had the wireless, remote control bassinet to tote my baby around while I fight bad guys.

But seriously, this is clever, adorable, and can be used whether you have a child or not, and at just $15, the magnet is a must-have for Baby Yoda fans. (I'm sorry, for The Child fans.) Especially if you grab one of these Baby Yoda Build-A-Bears and happen to keep him in your car. They deserve to be safe, too. Plus, since it’s a magnet, you’ll be able to transfer it to different cars throughout the years, whether you’re in your mini van you said you’d never buy or your next Millennium Falcon.

The Mandalorian on Disney+ has taken the internet and the world by storm, specifically Baby Yoda. Why is Baby Yoda so popular? J.J. Abrams said in an article on, that it has to do with everyone’s “nostalgia for the history of Star Wars.” But it also just could be because Baby Yoda is super, super cute.

So it makes total sense why you’d want to share every Baby Yoda meme you can find, be the first in line to purchase the Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear, buy this Baby Yoda car magnet, or purchase some of this other amazing Baby Yoda merchandise from the Disney Store. There’s another car magnet that says, “My child can levitate your child,” which I think is pretty darn clever. And two different t-shirts featuring Baby Yoda.

Maybe you can also start calling your baby The Child and find a nanny droid to help out with some of their care. Just slap a magnet on them as a reminder.