The Baby Yoda Christmas sweater is full of Christmas puns.

I'll Take 100 Of These Baby Yoda Christmas Sweaters, TYSM

One of the most adorable things to come out of the Star Wars universe is The Child — better known as Baby Yoda — from the new Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. And this holiday season, you can wear the viral sensation right on your chest with a Baby Yoda Christmas Sweatshirt.

Not since Jar Jar Binks has a Star Wars character garnered so many fan opinions, and when something as cute as The Child spins out of the Star Wars universe, putting it on as much merchandise as possible is a no-brainer. Baby Yoda memes are all the rage right now, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd this Christmas season, wear this adorable bug-eyed Jedi Master on a sweatshirt and put that tired, old light-up Rudolph sweater to shame.

The Baby Yoda sweatshirt by Los Angeles-based Etsy seller Shopp4uStore is emblazoned with a rendering of Baby Yoda himself above the phrase "What Child Is This?" surrounded by red, white, and green reindeer, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. It's the perfect choice for wearing to just about any festive gathering — just don't you dare wear it to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Baby Yoda is definitely too cute for that.

The holiday graphics give the sweatshirt a particularly festive appeal, but the play on words with the phrase "What Child Is This" paired with the photo of Baby Yoda's enchanting wide-eyed stare is what makes this sweatshirt absolutely amazing. His character is named The Child, after all, but what is even more interesting about the phrasing is that as of yet, Baby Yoda's origins have not been explained in The Mandalorian.

One solid fan theory floating around the internet is that Baby Yoda is the love child of Yoda and Yaddle (a Jedi Council member from The Phantom Menace). Some more outlandish theories include him being a shapeshifter, Yoda re-incarnated, or (standby for a Harry Potter reference) a Horcrux, per CNET. But the true answer to Baby Yoda's origins have yet to be officially revealed, so "What Child Is This" is particularly fitting. Not to mention it's the title of a popular Christmas song on a Christmas sweater. Whoever designed this sweatshirt is clearly a huge fan of puns.

If wearing a Baby Yoda Christmas Sweatshirt isn't expressing your fandom quite enough, the same Etsy shop also has a Baby Yoda beanie available for purchase to top off your festive Star Wars ensemble. For $24, you can keep your head warm while sporting an embroidered version of Baby Yoda to match your Baby Yoda Sweatshirt.

The Baby Yoda sweatshirt is available in nine solid color choices including white, black, dark heather, navy, sport grey, indigo blue, light blue, red, and light pink. It retails for $39, but at the time of this writing is discounted by nearly $8. So, you can save a little extra jingle to spend on your kid's extensive Christmas list, and still sport a sweatshirt with your favorite master made of Midichloians.

Available sizing includes options for men's size small through 5XL. Although women's and kid's sizes are not available, you can still snag this adorable Baby Yoda sweatshirt in a men's size so that you can channel the force all holiday season. Wear it while you snuggle up with a mug of hot cocoa and marathon-watch all of the Star Wars movies on Disney+. If that isn't already on your holiday to-do list, you might want to pencil it in.

You may not be able to buy a Baby Yoda plush doll until April or snag a Funko POP figurine of The Child until early spring, but you can most definitely sport your favorite character from The Mandalorian on a sweatshirt all Christmas season long. Truly, what child is this?