There Is Absolutely Nothing Cuter Than This Happy Dumpling Nightlight

I knew setting up my first nursery would elicit a good amount of awws, and I wasn't wrong. The stuffed animals, the little blankets... it's all so aggressively cute! However, I didn't think a light fixture would make my heart melt into a puddle, yet somehow here we are. This soup dumpling Little B light from Smoko is officially the sweetest nightlight I've ever seen, and TBH I might be purchasing more than one. (After all, my husband and I appreciate dim sum more than our new baby will).

Little B is a soup dumpling, and "a new Smoko Dim Sum series character," according to the brand's website. For anyone curious, the "B" in her name stands for bao, as the official name for a Chinese steamed bun is Xiao long bao. Not only will your child adore Little B's darling little cartoon smile, but they can learn a bit about another culture simultaneously. My only warning is that it may be hard for your children to indulge in real dumplings after befriending one. Just saying.

Smoko's Little B nightlight is made of a "soft silicone material" per the website description and runs on three AAA batteries. I love that it's battery-operated simply because you can set it absolutely anywhere, no outlet required. Better yet, the light has a one-hour timer so you can set it to turn off and preserve battery life after your child (or you!) have fallen asleep.

Aside from making the batteries last longer, the nightlight's auto shut off feature may actually improve sleep quality, too., the website run by The National Sleep Foundation, explains that having a nightlight on all night can actually disturb your sleep by messing with your body's melatonin production, the hormone that promotes sleep. "Even with your eyelids closed, the light is detected and your brain gets confused about what time it is. As a result, your body doesn’t produce as much melatonin," explains the website. While the nightlight might be comforting as you and your baby drift off, the fact that it automatically turns off will help ensure you get plenty of solid Z's.

Right now is the ideal time to pick up your own Little B nightlight. Because it's in the pre-order stage (with an estimated delivery of March 31), it's marked down 30 percent from it's original price, making it only $12 instead of the original $17. To be completely honest, this dumpling nightlight would be getting a place in my home at either price point, but it's always an added bonus to save a few bucks.

If you've never perused Smoko's website before, I highly recommend it (well, as long as you feel like you've got good financial impulse control). The LA-based brand collaborates with art and design schools around the country to create whimsical and self-described "quirky" household items. Even if you don't necessarily want to deck your own house out with narwhal coffee mugs, unicorn slippers, and unicorn humidifiers, Smoko is a fun place to shop for unique gifts and trinkets for kids and kid-at-hearts in your life.

Whether you've got a love for deliciously precious household accessories or simply a love for Chinese cuisine, you know this Little B nightlight is calling to you. Preorder it via the Smoko website to save a little cash and instantly make a room in your house 10 times cuter.