This 'Friends' Bodysuit Is A Promise From Both Joey Tribbiani & Your Baby

I've dealt with a fair share of fluids other than my own breeching my personal space bubble as a mom. Definitely not my favorite thing about parenting, but diaper change mishaps are something most parents will encounter at some point, so you might as well have fun with it, right? Like with this Friends-themed baby onesie that sums up the perils of pee with one of the show's most memorable quotes.

Friends fans have no shortage of merchandise to choose from to show their devotion to their favorite '90s sitcom. Baby-centric items like milestone blankets and onesies are perfect for the entire generation of fans who grew up watching the show and now have their own mini-fans to dress up and photograph with Friends-themed attire.

This particular onesie from Etsy seller JGTdesigns pays homage to the classic Friends episode "The One With The Jellyfish" where Monica is stung by a jellyfish and Chandler is forced to pee on her to relieve the stinging. But true fans remember that Joey originally was supposed to do it (but got stage fright) and his classic line — "If I had to, I'd pee on any one of you" — is emblazoned on the onesie in the show's signature script. It's a promise every baby can keep (unlike Joey).

The entire exchange between the Friends crew when they return to the city after their beach trip is epically hilarious as Monica, Joey, and Chandler come clean about the dirty little secret they harbored about what happened on the beach. Have you ever kept a secret between friends that is so outrageous you would be practically mortified if anyone found out? Me either, but I can only imagine that having a friend pee on me would fit the bill. (However, I would also do pretty much anything to avoid the excruciating pain of a jellyfish sting, so the jury is still out on how that would actually go down.)

In addition to the "pee on you" onesie, die hard Friends fans who want to dress their babe in a themed onesie every day of the week can stock up on an array of designs by JGTdesigns on Etsy. The onesies feature memorable lines and running jokes from the show like "You're my lobster" and "They don't know that we know that they know" as well as text to support mega fandom like "Friends addict in training."

Each Friends-themed onesie is a white 100% preshrunk cotton Gerber brand bodysuit, and many are available in long or short sleeve options in sizes 0/3 months through 24 months. The seller noted in the product description that these bodysuits tend to run small, and they recommend that parents size up to ensure a proper fit. The onesies retail for just under $12 each, so you can keep a stash on hand for when the inevitable leaky diaper or spit-take forces an outfit change.

While each of the Friends onesie designs available will likely garner plenty of "Oh. My. God." reactions from fellow fans, the "If I had to, I'd pee on any one of you" design truly takes the cake as far as laughter-inducing quotes that work for both Joey Tribbiani and your baby go.