Western Chief's Frozen 2 rain set includes rain coat, rain boots, and umbrella.
Western Chief

This Pretty & Practical 'Frozen 2' Rain Gear Set Is A Must-Have For Fall

Frozen 2's release date is fast approaching, which means amazing new movie tie-in merchandise is hitting stores. One of the cutest new offerings is the Frozen 2 rain gear set from Western Chief — perfect for splashing around on a wet day.

The Frozen 2 set has three pieces, each one more adorable than the last. I'm absolutely obsessed with the rain boots — as if the gorgeous blue, purple, and silver color scheme weren't enough to win me over, how cool are those snowflake-shaped handles? They're such a gorgeous touch, and of course make it easier for your kiddo to pull the boots on and off all by themselves. Another really smart details is that one foot features a portrait of Anna, while the other shows Elsa. That could be a fantastic way for your little one to finally tell their left foot from their right and remember which boot goes on which foot. The boots are about 7 inches high, and feature a cotton lining to help keep little feeties warm and dry no matter how many puddles they jump into.

The coat to match the boots is equally cute. The design has Elsa and Anna on the front, surrounded by a swirl of colorful leaves. The back of the coat features bare winter trees and falling snowflakes, something we're sure to see a lot of in the new movie (which hits theaters on November 22, according to IMDB). The coat is made from water-resistant material, and has sweet purple buttons to keep it closed. With Halloween coming up, the raincoat could be perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth for little Annas or Elsas out trick-or-treating on a cool, rainy night.

And of course, no rain set would be complete without a perfectly cute umbrella. I love the glittery purple handle and the picture of Anna and Elsa side by side on the Frozen 2 umbrella, and I speak from personal experience when I tell you that a kid-sized one is a great investment. My daughter just recently got her own umbrella to carry on rainy days, and let me tell you, it's so much better than trying to squeeze us both under mine — now we both stay dry, and she loves being "grown up" enough to carry hers all by herself.

You can purchase each piece in the set individually, so your kiddo can mix and match their wardrobe if they prefer. If they're not a Frozen fan, Western Chief has tons of other cool options to consider. There's an adorable Batman set that features a cape on the coat and on the back of the boots, plus a hilariously cute Little Mermaid set with a raincoat adorned with a seashell bikini and scale print.

If you're shopping for the kids, you can also pick up a pair of Western Chief rain boots for yourself, too. They've got plenty of cute pairs for grown ups — though sadly, the Frozen 2 set is just for the little ones.