Big Mouth Inc.

OK, Now Your Backyard Needs This Ginormous *Neon* Unicorn Sprinkler

Last year was definitely the year of the unicorn. There was unicorn everything, and I mean everything — like even unicorn toilet paper, y’all. There was also an amazing ginormous unicorn sprinkler that made everyone’s backyard and summer magical who was lucky enough to have the magnificent water-spraying beast. Well, it was so much fun last year, Big Mouth Inc. is bringing it back again, but this time as a ginormous neon unicorn sprinkler. This will go perfectly with your unicorn toilet paper, unicorn ice cream, unicorn float, and unicorn humidifier, completing the unicorn collection.

Pastel unicorns are out, and neon unicorns are in. Now instead of having a pink, light blue, pale purple, and pale yellow mane and tail, this amazing neon unicorn sprinkler’s mane and tail is a vibrant shade of teal, bright yellow, and neon purple — and is still just as much fun and whimsy as last year’s version. Like all of Big Mouth Inc.’s sprinklers, this ginormous neon unicorn sprinkler is also more than 6-feet tall, making it loom over kids heads, and the heads of vertically challenged adults. It is perfect for a summer barbecue, Fourth of July party, kid’s birthday party, or just trying to stay cool in the hot summer sun.

Big Mouth Inc.

And even better? It’s super easy to set up. Just plug it into a standard water hose, inflate it, and turn the water on. Water will spray out of the unicorn’s horn, providing hours of summertime fun in the sun. There’s also an anchor kit so the unicorn doesn’t sprout wings and fly away into the summer sky. It’s also made of durable vinyl to withstand even the most excited of kids. Sudden pop-up summer thunderstorm? There’s an air valve that has a “wide-mouth cap” so it will deflate quickly. How magical.

If you have last year’s version, it totally needs a new neon friend, don’t you think? Or you could be the coolest house on the block and have an entire zoo of ginormous sprinklers since Big Mouth Inc. also offers a Ginormous Monster Yard Sprinkler, Ginormous T-Rex Sprinkler, a Ginormous Elephant Sprinkler (and Pink Elephant), and a Ginormous Ape Sprinkler. If you live in a neighborhood with HOAs, you may not be able to keep all of these guys in your front yard. But if you’re like me and live on a city street filled with yards that have giant blow-up dolls of Falcon football players, I think you’ll be good. Plus, unicorns, elephants, dinosaurs, monsters and apes are way more fun to look at than a football player, in my opinion. And they shoot water out of them. (Football player blow-up dolls most certainly do not.) So it's definitely a win-win. And if you have a high enough fence, I'm sure they'd be happy in your back yard.

Big Mouth Inc.

Amazon has almost all of the ginormous yard sprinklers for sale for just $50. Definitely a small price to pay for a mystical, magical, and cool summer. And this neon one may be the most fantastical of them all.