Big Mouth Inc.

Hi, Let's Talk About How Cool Your Yard Will Be With This *Huge* Monster Sprinkler

When I was a kid, my favorite way to keep cool was to run through a sprinkler in our front yard while dodging those stupid gumball things that would simultaneously roll your ankle and impale the bottom of your foot. Not sure if those are a thing anywhere else but forest-like Georgia, but they were the literal worst. But you know what would have made stepping on those gumballs totally worth it when I was a kid? Having a ginormous monster yard sprinkler. From Big Mouth Inc., the same creative people who brought you a ginormous unicorn sprinkler and even a ginormous llama float and corgi pool float, they’ve come up with this amazing monster yard sprinkler.

It’s massive, y’all. And if you live in a place with HOAs, you may need to put it in your backyard. But I live in the City of Atlanta proper, where we don’t have HOAs and people have giant blow-up figures of Falcons football players in their yards. So I think this monster would fit in just fine for my son. How ginormous is it? It’s 6 feet tall, making it seem like a total giant for your kids — and they’re going to love it. The Ginormous Monster Sprinkler connects to any old lawn hose that you might have, it’s super easy to inflate, and the water sprays out of the monster’s mouth, like spit. Kinda gross? Maybe. But your kids will love it. And you’ll love that it’s just $50 on Amazon for tons of summer fun for years to come, since it’s pretty durable and easy to store, too, according to the Big Mouth Inc. website.

Big Mouth Inc.

Monsters not your jam? Like I said, there is the Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler, but also a Ginormous T-rex Sprinkler, and a Ginormous Elephant Sprinkler (and Pink Elephant), and a Ginormous Ape Sprinkler. Or you could buy them all, creating a sprinkler zoo (and pond) right in your backyard for your kids to enjoy. You could even float in said pond with that Giant Corgi Float and cup holder. They really have thought of everything. Even though they’re the “leading name in summer inflatable toys,” Big Mouth Inc. truly has useful gag gifts for everyone and every age, from sprinklers and pool floats, to champagne glasses, ear muffs, and garden gnomes. They definitely have quirky and creative gifts for every occasion. I mean, who doesn’t want a unicorn farts champagne glass, am I right?

Many Amazon customers are totally stoked about their sprinkler purchases from Big Mouth Inc., writing that they are great for taking selfies with, and perfect if you’re looking for a “...lit summer activity involving your friends, family, pets, neighbors, and/or overflying aircraft.” One customer said the sprinkler shot so high and so much water it “cleaned” their roof. Now that sounds like a fun and effective way to cool off — no little sprinkler system shooting tiny streams from low on the ground here. Also, your kids won’t accidentally step on the monster sprinkler and break it (or cut their foot) like they do with the one you use to water your lawn. Talk about a win-win?

Big Mouth, Inc.

Now I can’t say this will solve all your problems with your kids stepping on gumballs and rocks in your yard, but I do think they’ll be so distracted having a blast, they may not notice.