Your Kid's Going To Freak Out Over These Super Fun Glitter-Filled Swim Goggles

Summer is almost within reach, so it's time to start thinking about what pool products you and your kids are going to need to get to make sure you're pool-ready. I'm guessing the kids' goggles got lost when you switched over to winter gear, but don't worry, Bling2o's new glitter swim mask, a wearable poolside addition that's as fun as it is practical, is here for you. They'll have you and the kids singing "Under The Sea" in no time.

Chic pool accessories are all the rage these days, with novelty water-friendly items cropping up everywhere. You can have your very own sloth-shaped float that actually hugs you as you lounge, as well as a gigantic unicorn sprinkler that will keep kids more than happy to stay home and run around the yard all summer long. Seriously, water-play has never been more fun, and now you can bring that excitement to your poolside adventures with a new type of mask that is fun, sparkly, and, #sorrynotsorry, photo op-ready.

The Disco Fever Swim Mask ($30, Bling2o) is eye-catching thanks to its vibrant color, which moms everywhere should celebrate as they'll make your kids easy-to-spot amid a sea of swimmers. But the encased silver glitter is really what sets it apart.

These are obviously not made for competitive swimming (they will obstruct their vision a little bit, after all, but you can't deny how fun they are. Like the "snow" in a snow globe, the glitter floats within the frame, making your kid feel like they're trapped in an underwater-themed snow globe, and that sounds pretty fun TBH. As they do flips, in the water, the glitter will float around and as soon as they stand upright, the sparkly dust will settle to the bottom of the frame. It's a great way to enjoy the delights of glitter, without any of the mess.

Your kid can even take the sparkle to the next level with the Float-N-Away Swim Mask ($30, Bling2o), which is filled with star-shaped glitter within a multi-colored frame.

And if your doggy paddler isn't into pink or glitter, don't despair. Bling2o has a whole line of new masks and goggles for 2019 with wild designs. For instance, the Molten Lava Swim Mask ($30, Bling2o) has lava lamp-like inserts instead of glitter, offering a groovy alternative for those who aren't fans of the shininess, and it comes in two different colors.

Bear lovers will be all about these Pandamonium goggles ($26, Bling2o) that come with little ears for extra cuteness. The hearts over the eyes are almost too adorable.

The Uncle Hairy goggles ($26, Bling2o) literally have eyebrows on top of them, so your little comedian will have a blast breaking these bad boys out to prank their friends.

And finally, there are tons of candy-themed goggles ($27, Bling2o), too. You know, for the sweet tooth in your life.

Basically, if your kids are heading to the pool for some good old- fashioned fun this summer, they will flip for this groovy swim gear.