This Guy Used His Cat To Recreate His Sister's Family Photos, & It's As Glorious As It Sounds — PHOTOS

by Chrissy Bobic

Do you have any of those oh-so-special friends who are suddenly so "adult" that they've decided for the both of you that it is no longer necessary to exchange presents for birthdays or any other holidays? Yes, me too, and yes, I also hate them. For Gordy Yates, it's a little different. As a decidedly not-so-adult adult, and someone who clearly doesn't know how to pick a birthday present, he's taken to expecting gifts instead of giving them. And for the shared birthday with his sister Meredith, there had never been an exception. This year, though, for her 28th birthday, he shook things up and kind of made up for the lack of all of the gifts for her last 27 birthdays.

Taking stock of her very active Instagram feed, Yates chose his favorite 28 photos and used them as inspiration for recreations of each one. But the best part was when he brought his cat into the mix. For each of his chosen photos where his sister was posing with one of her two children, Yates recreated those photos with his cat, an obedient little sucker, who some seasoned cat ladies and men might say rivals the cuteness of Yates' sister's kids.

While Yates has been traveling, partying, and enjoying the last leg of his 20s, his sister has gone and done the opposite of that, settling down with a husband and kids. Both of these worlds are fulfilling in their own way, and as someone in her late 20s who is the only friend of her group to have a kid, I have witnessed plenty of these partying friends who are, as Britney once said, not girls but but yet women (or something like that). So I can imagine the excitement Yates' sister must have felt to see this truly heartfelt and totally personal gift that doesn't come off as too mushy or sentimental, but still took a lot more effort than a 99-cent greeting card.

Let's take a look at Gordy Yates' photo recreations, and oh yeah, that cool-ass cat too.

Swaddling: Not Just For Babies Anymore

I don't know about any cats you've ever had, but none of mine would ever go for this. I once tried to put my cat in a pair of footy pajamas and he literally slipped out and scurried away, all arched back, Halloween cat lookin' and all.

What's The Problem? Cats Need Loving Too

You know how some people are all, "I don't need kids, I have my pets"? Well, judging by this photo, I'd say that Yates is kind of very much on that train, and I respect it.

When Endearing Meets Frightening

So sure, maybe not all of these exactly work on Yates and his cat. Namely this one, where his sister is enjoying some sweet time with her little one and he's just... enjoying his Jabba look?

Eh, Close Enough

Peace, and all that? Hey, at least he tried. In a sort of, "I'll never get both of my hands to be in that position behind my back so why even try?" kind of way.

See, That's The IDGAF Kind Of Cat I Recognize

This one works pretty well in all of its identical glasses/squinty-eyed and black-and-white glory. But, you know, there is something to be said for the fun of taking photos with enthusiastic kids, as opposed to cats who look like they've just given up on everything.

That's Right: He's Raising A Princess Too

Hey, if you can get your cat to keep on a collar, you're pretty amazing in my book. A tiara? What kind of wizardry is this?

Another Sombrero Would Have Really Made This Though

I know, I get it: Slipping a tiny sombrero onto the cat's head wouldn't really go with the photo recreation theme, since that's not what is going on in the original. But come on, it would make for some real holiday card material.

Images: Courtesy of Gordy Yates(8)