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This 'HTGAWM' Theory Might Clarify Some Things

With each new episode of How to Get Away with Murder comes new mysteries to obsess over and try to figure out before any answers are revealed. It’s what fans have come to expect, but now that it’s almost getting to this season’s midway point, it’s time to consider all of the theories so far. Namely, one HTGAWM Season 5 theory that could explain a lot. Redditor htgawmfreak posted the theory that there are actual three big mysteries going on at once right now, instead of all of them being the same thing. And because it’s all so confusing right now and all over the place, I’m inclined to believe this one.

They wrote, "For some odd reason I don't think Bonnie's baby, Gabriel's identity/his parents/his agenda & the person in the snow are all directly related even tho they might affect one another. I feel like all each of the flash forwards relate to one of these three mysteries. [sic]” The big mysteries this season are Gabriel and his identity and motives, Bonnie’s supposed long lost child, and someone dead in the snow on the night of Connor and Oliver’s wedding.

The events on the murder night this season involve Annalise crying in her house, someone dying in the snow, and Oliver and Connor possibly in the middle of a fight. Or, at the very least, Connor got into a fight with someone and that’s a mystery on its own.

Htgawmfreak theorized that Annalise is crying because she found out that Gabriel is actually the love child of Sam, her long dead husband. They also wrote that Connor and Oliver are fighting on their wedding night because Connor, through digging into Frank’s detective work, found out about Gabriel’s identity, which caused the newlyweds to fight about it.

Until now, viewers have likely been trying to connect the dots between Annalise breaking down at home, the body in the snow, and Gabriel, who has yet to be seen on this season’s murder night. But as the Redditor said, these could all be mysteries on their own that culminate on the night of the wedding rather than all be part of the same tragedy. I know, it’s a lot to take in, but like all things on HTGAWM, there are always more layers to peel back once you think you’ve gotten to the center of it all.

The unraveling mystery each season is what the show has become known for, but this time around, the writers could be giving viewers a few red herrings to throw them off the scent and really bring the shock value. It seems like Gabriel is Bonnie’s son that she was told had died at birth, but that’s almost too easy. And in the flash-forward, Annalise looks like she’s breaking down over the death of someone, but the person in the snow could have nothing to do with her. Luckily, all will be revealed soon enough. Sort of.

HTGAWM showrunner Pete Nowalk told Variety that the mystery of Gabriel’s past will be revealed by the mid-season finale and the identity of the dead body in the snow will also be explained. As with past seasons, I suspect that the events of the first half of the season will lead up to murder night, which is also wedding night this time around. The fact that Nowalk mentioned both of these events separately could mean that the HTGAWM theory on Reddit has some merit to it.

Personally, I’m inclined to believe the theory could be true, if only because it would make each mystery a little easier to understand and follow. But by the mid-season finale, which is only a few weeks away, viewers are sure to get some answers.