If Your Kid Is Princess-Obsessed, This Carriage Wagon Is A Dream Come True

You've probably heard it said that just about anything can be found on Etsy, and that's no exaggeration. But a life-size princess carriage? Yes, it's true: If you've got a little one at home who pretends she's a princess 24/7, there's an unbelievably magical Snow White Carriage on Etsy that's guaranteed to make any kid feel like legit royalty. Whether you use it for special occasions only or everyday imaginary play, it's basically a fairy tale dream come true.

This Snow White Carriage is also winning on buyer reviews, with a perfect — that's right, perfect — five star rating. While many buyers bought the carriage for a fancy event, like their wedding, I can see the endless backyard play potential this item has to offer. I mean, what girl wouldn't want to dress up in her favorite princess costume and enjoy some playtime in her princess carriage? I know the 5 year old in me would.

The princess carriage trend is on the rise and I have to say, I'm not mad about it. In case you haven't heard, Disney World now has Cinderella carriages you can rent... and they're more or less making vacations that are already pretty amazing even better for all the kids whose parent are willing to pony up the extra carriage cash. But the models on Etsy are almost better because they're for keeps, and they're also totally customizable. Each handmade carriage starts at $599, which includes the basic frame and no extras. Customers have the option to pay extra for features such as white paint (an additional $130), gold trim paint ($94) and the Cinderella pumpkin hoop ($77). Put it all together and the price is a whopping $900. Looking to spend a tiny bit less? Buy the pumpkin hoops on your own and and take on the painting as your own personal project. Because painting it could be fun, right? Plus, this DIY step would give you the freedom to personalize it as extensively as your heart desires. (Note, the Cinderella name tag does not come with the purchase.)

If you're looking to get some heavy duty usage out of your carriage, buyers can also pay for such perks as steering (an additional $95) and a steel rear axle ($68). Returns and exchanges are accepted, but the carriage must be delivered by truck for an additional shipping fee. If you're looking to secure one for your wedding or other special event, make sure to plan accordingly because these babies aren't ready to ship for 1-2 weeks. After all, they are handmade with lots of love and care.

But can you just imagine about how you would totally customize this with pillows, flowers and paint? You could create a little bed in the main cabin for your little one to get her beauty rest. How about running some flowers or even some twinkle lights up and down the pumpkin frame for an even more enchanting experience? Creating a one-of-a-kind carriage with your own choice of paint colors makes for an even more personal gift. I'm thinking a pink or rainbow ombre carriage would look kind of awesome.

Of course, if you're thinking maybe Santa should be showing up with this seriously special gift in tow, you need to act fast. (And pay for shipping, cause no way that thing is fitting on Santa's sleigh.)