A Manicure Of Kylie Jenner's Photo Of Stormi Officially Exists, & It Is, Well, *Something*

When Kylie Jenner dropped the first photo of her baby daughter Stormi earlier this month, fans had plenty to say. The Instagram post brought us the reveal of the baby's name (one that no one had predicted), Stormi's delightfully chubby cheeks, and Jenner's picture-perfect pink manicure. However, someone else's manicure managed to steal the spotlight in the Instagram post: Stormi's. At just a few days old, Stormi already had extremely well-groomed fingernails. Naturally, the internet blew up with comments and jokes on the newborn's mani. But now, the joke about Stormi's perfect postnatal nails has officially been beaten to death. A nail art Instagram account has recreated a manicure of Kylie Jenner's first photo of Stormi... in 3D.

While impressive, the look is also, TBH, really creepy. The nail artist — a.k.a @nail_sunny on Instagram — used some sort of clay-like material to sculpt Jenner's thumb and pink fingernail. Nail_sunny also sculpted teeny-tiny fingers to represent Stormi's fingers. Then the whole thing was attached to a real human's fingernail — but not before DRILLING A LITERAL HOLE in the person's finger nail and threading wire through it for some reason.

There's seriously so much going on with this manicure. Check it out and see for yourself:

In just three days, nail_sunny's video racked up more than 1.7 million views and more than 23,000 likes on Instagram. Many commented on the post, expressing just how creepy it was. "That's disturbing," commented one user. "Whyyy like wtffff," added another. "This is so creepy," wrote someone else. "People are too damn much!" surmised another user.

But despite the creation's creepiness, you have to give props to the nail artist for following their truth and going to such extreme lengths to recreate the most-liked Instagram photo of all time in such a meta, elaborate way.

As mentioned above, Jenner's first photo of Stormi inspired endless tweets about the flawless state of Stormi's nails. Comments like "If we’re still being honest, I’m a little upset that Kylie’s new born [sic] has better nails than I do" and "Even Kylie Jenner’s baby’s NAILS are perfect & look 100x better than mine do. I feel bad about myself now" had fans cracking up.

It's really no surprise that Stormi had such perfect nails, considering the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are rarely seen looking anything but perfect. It's unclear if Stormi was born with such manicured nails or if Jenner (hired someone to) cut them for the shot — but either way, Stormi already seems to be fitting in well with the KarJenner gals.

If nail_sunny's creation has left you feeling slightly uneasy, you may not want to scroll any further. The nail artist made headlines for another 3D Kylie Jenner-inspired mani earlier this month. After Jenner announced that she had given birth, her big sis Khloé Kardashian, who is pregnant, Instagrammed a sweet maternity pic of the two expectant sisters and moms-to-be. Nail_sunny was evidently a fan of the shot, because they created a teeny-tiny model of pregnant Kylie from the photo and attached it to a fingernail.

How long do you think these hand models lasted before prying the tiny Jenner sculptures off their hands? And, for that matter, how does one remove adornments like these? Surely nail polish remover isn't strong enough...

Whether or not you're a fan of the 3D manis, you can't blame people for going so over-the-top with tributes to the new mom, considering Kylie Jenner spent her entire pregnancy secluded, providing her fans with minimal content. Now that everything is out in the open, it's time to let the content and creative projects flow!

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