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Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian's Pregnancy Photo Is Seriously So, So Sweet


Now that Kylie Jenner has revealed that she had a baby, her family is finally allowed to share nine months' worth of secret baby bump photos. And considering how public the Kardashians typically are, it's unsurprising that within hours of Kylie's announcement, several of her family members already tweeted and Instagrammed their support. One of the sweetest posts came from Kylie's big sister Khloé Kardashian, who had an overlapping pregnancy with Kylie. Khloe shared a pregnancy photo of herself and Kylie showing off their bumps shortly after Kylie dropped the news. In under 40 minutes, the photo garnered more then two million likes on Instagram.

In the red-tinted picture, both women paired their long, blonde hair with undies and cropped, long-sleeved tops that perfectly framed their bumps. Many fans of the Kardashians were pretty excited that three of the sisters were expecting at the same time, but because Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret, there previously hadn't been any photos of her and Khloé appearing pregnant at the same time, so this photo kind of feels like ~proof~ that the sisters got to experience their pregnancies together.

Not to mention, Khloé captioned the Instagram photo with a pretty sweet message. She wrote:

The two sisters had similar views regarding keeping pregnancy private for as long as possible. Kylie never actually confirmed that she was pregnant, despite the endless rumors. Instead, she waited until three days after her baby was born to publicly share the news. She did so in an Instagram post on Sunday telling her fans:

Khloé, who still has not given birth, disclosed that she was expecting this past December, after several months of rumors. She announced the news in an Instagram post, where she showed off her bump, captioning it:

Even though fans have been dying for Kylie and Khloé to share information about their pregnancies, it's wonderful that they were both able to have the (semi) private pregnancies they dreamed of — and even better, that they were able to experience them together.

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