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This Mom's Target Birth Announcement Is, Hands Down, The Cutest Thing On The Internet

Let's be honest, is there anything to *not* love about Target? Not only does the store have basically everything, it's pretty much become a parenting destination in itself. When I was a frazzled mom of toddler twins, roaming the aisles while my little ones happily (and quietly) munched on in-store popcorn felt like a much-needed mom vacation. And you only need to take a quick peek on social media to know I'm far from being the only one to seek refuge behind its sliding doors. In fact, this mom's Target birth announcement basically sums up how so many of us feel about the retailer, which has more or less become the go-to for moms of youngsters.

The Target birth announcement was the brain child of Sarah, a New Jersey mom-of-two, according to PopSugar, who posts about parenting, baby products, and deals on her Instagram account, Diapers & Donuts.

Like many moms, she too has a love for the store that can sometimes be hard to explain to the childless among us, but when she recently gave birth to her second child, there seemed to only be one particularly-fitting way to commemorate the birth — and the outcome was amazing.

I honestly can't even say if there could be anything cuter than an infant curled up in a Target shopping basket wearing a t-shirt that says "Target Baby" on it, but the image becomes even more spectacular when you consider that Sarah and her husband had actually announced their pregnancy by filming a truly epic video sharing their news in the aisles of the store.

Sarah explained to Romper that the idea for the video simply came out of "[wanting] to do a fun video parody versus the usual photo" that most couples share when they want to let the world know they have a baby on the way, and it wasn't long before they determined Target would be the idea location.

"It just sort of came together because we are always at Target," she tells Romper. "I mean, the guy at the Target Starbucks knows my daughter's order (ice water with freeze-dried strawberries). [Now] whenever we pass a Target, she always points it out."

Courtesy of Diapers & Donuts

Once the couple shared the video, it seemed only natural to follow-up with a Target-themed birth announcement. And clearly it couldn't have been any cuter. In fact, Sarah tells Romper, "it seems that everyone now wants a photo like this!"

Though Target-themed baby announcements may not be common, the love that moms seem to have for the store certainly is. As Sarah noted, much of that likely has to do with the fact that the store is so parent-friendly — you can get your shopping done without feeling overwhelmed, the employees always seem so welcoming, and it doesn't hurt that their baby product lines are fantastic.

In fact, these days, being a "Target Mom" has basically become its own parenting stereotype. Target-themed Instagram accounts run by moms have massive followings, and like Sarah and her husband did with their pregnancy announcement, some couples have even picked Target as the location for their maternity photo shoots.

For the most part though, Target's mom-fueled popularity is still mostly tongue-in-cheek, and Sarah's pregnancy and birth announcements were clearly just meant to be fun takes on the usual parenting trends. Either way, it's a testament to the fact that, for whatever reason, Target has found a special place in many moms' hearts. And that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.