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This New Rumor About Beyonce's Twins Is Too Much

by Keiko Zoll

According to Beyoncé's father, Matthew Knowles, the long-awaited twins arrived earlier this June — in a much-criticized "way to steal her thunder" Instagram post on Father's Day. Beyoncé and husband Jay Z have yet to confirm the news of the twins' birth themselves, along with a whole host of other questions, including the twins' genders and names. With so little details coming from the Land of Queen Bey, it's time to focus on the next most important thing besides her amazing family — her music. Will Beyoncé release an album about the twins? That's the latest rumor out of the Beyhive, and people are too pumped.

According to website Hollywood Life, it's a definite possibility. An unnamed source had the following scoop to tell Hollywood Life about what's next on Beyoncé's musical plate:

The babies, along with Blue Ivy, have really made her the happiest she has ever been and she is putting all of her feelings into her music. Her next album will definitely have songs about them and it is pretty much a definite that a new album will arrive right before her rescheduled Coachella gig next April.

Representatives for Beyoncé did not immediately return Romper's request for comment. That said: Hold. The. Flippin'. Phone. I can't handle the knowledge that even though Beyoncé's twins were reportedly born early, she's already working on new music. Bless her.

Beyoncé releasing an album about her twins certainly wouldn't be unprecedented. The final track of her eponymous fifth solo album, "Blue," was written for her daughter in 2013. Blue Ivy, who was just 11-months old at the time, even made her own cameo appearance at the end of the track as fans can hear her say, "Mommy!" and "Can we see Daddy?" as the song closes. And don't forget that Blue Ivy made history by becoming the youngest artist to ever appear on Billboard's charts, as her cries from her first days of life could be heard on her father's gorgeous ode to new fatherhood with his single, "Glory."

According to a Beyoncé fan forum, some fans have noticed how Queen Bey's solo albums have dropped in a pattern: three years, two years, three years, and so on. Taking the pattern into account with Lemonade's release in 2016, it makes sense that fans can likely expect a 2018 album from Beyoncé. But to drop it before Coachella — where Beyoncé will headline in 2018 — and the theme of the album possibly be about her twins? This I cannot handle. Give me odds, for I can't even right now.

The news of a potential Beyoncé twins-themed album certainly leaves us with even more questions about these mythical children at the moment. Here's hoping we don't have to wait until next year before some of the big questions — like Beyoncé's twins' names — are finally answered, too.