It's Not A Toy, But This Personalized Elsa Ornament Is On Your Kid's Wish List

OK, guys. I know it’s not the holiday season yet, but you’re just going to have to get over it because this personalized Elsa ornament is available for your Christmas tree, and it’s sure to help turn your home — or at least your tree — into a magical winter wonderland, even if you live in the South where it will probably be 80 degrees in December. But seriously, Elsa, all I want for the holidays is for you to come to my house and make it snow.

Though this gorgeous ornament will definitely bring wintry magic to your holiday season, I think the best part about this Elsa ornament for your kid will be that it can be personalized with their name on a diamond-shaped wooden attachment complete with whimsy snowflakes and in a Frozen blue hue. I remember going to theme park shops and holiday stores and always being super disappointed that my name was never on the keychains, hats, ornaments, mugs — you name it — that they offered. They’d always have Abigail, Abby, or even Abbie, but alas, no Abi or Abigale.

Thanks, Mom. I’m kidding, but you can totally make it up to me by purchasing this Elsa ornament for my tree for just $25 at Hallmark. Plus, like many of their ornaments, this comes in their signature red box, keeping it safe and sound during the rest of the year when it’s in your basement and not hanging proudly on your tree.

The reviews on the website are pretty stellar, with one grandmother who was super excited to buy her granddaughter this piece since she loves the Frozen movie and can’t wait for Frozen 2 to come out in November. “Every year I give both granddaughters a Hallmark ornament and they are never disappointed... I love the thought that years later they will have ornaments to remember each Christmas by,” Grandma Carolyn says. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

If that’s not enough Frozen ornament goodness for you, Hallmark has an Olaf ornament that is just as whimsy and cute as Elsa. But he’s even cooler because he’s a talking ornament. This Olaf will regale your family with stories and sayings from his own short film, Olaf's Frozen Adventure. And thankfully for you, it doesn’t play the “Let it Go” song. Holding a fruitcake, Olaf looks like “freshly fallen snow,” according to the description because he is covered in magical glitter. He also comes his own little special box for safe keeping.

And if you’re itching for more than just Frozen-themed ornaments on your tree, Hallmark is releasing over 140 new keepsake ornaments this week until October 13 for the upcoming holiday season. So make sure to snag your own Elsa personalized ornament (for you or for your kid) quickly, because with the new movie coming out in November, I have a feeling they’ll be selling out fast. And if they’re gone, you’ll just have to “Let it gooooo.” Sorry, I had to.