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This Sansa & Jon 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Could Be A Game Changer For The Two Favorites

With two seasons left and book readers totally in the dark about what is yet to come, now is the time to gather all of those wild Game of Thrones theories and consider the fact that some of them might be pretty spot on. Like the latest Game of Thrones theory about Sansa and Jon that results in the two of them being endgame material. That's right, Sansa and Jon could get married by the end of Game of Thrones and it would actually make a lot of sense. When we last saw the two oldest Stark children, they were reigning over the North, but one of the most important revelations from the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones was that we learned about Jon Snow's true parentage. He is the daughter of Lyanna Stark and Raegar Targaryen, making him Sansa's cousin rather than haf-brother. And that's a little better, right?

Popular YouTuber Alt Shift X is known for posting videos of popular Game of Thrones fan theories and the latest one ties some of George R.R. Martin's other works, prequels, in with Sansa's fate. The theory of Sansa and Jon ending up together isn't super out there, as far as politics go, but do we have enough time left in the series to make it work?

In the Game of Thrones world, family members marrying each other, sleeping together, or just plain flirting is no new thing. But when you have giants, dragons, dogs eating humans, and wars breaking out every other day, some things tend to get brushed over.

The Game of Thrones theory about Sansa and Jon getting married has to do with a character by the name of Lady Ashford in one of his prequel novels, A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms. Lady Ashford's unfortunate suitors strongly resemble Sansa's own past relationships and husbands, except for the final man who Lady Ashford ends up with, who happens to be a Targaryen. And who, currently, is the only male Targaryen we know to be living? That would be our very own Jon Snow, of course.

The evidence surrounding the theory is pretty legit, though, and could have some truth to it, given the benefits and dramatics it would bring to the final two seasons.

Lady Ashford's Suitors Mirror Sansa's Suitors

In the book, Lady Ashford is pursued by a Baratheon, Lannister, Tyrell, Hardyng, and then a Targaryen. In the series, Sansa has been betrothed to men from each of those houses as well, except Hardying, but in the books, Sansa was linked to a Hardyng instead of Ramsay Bolton. So the similarities, and order of them, are pretty striking.

It Would Bring Houses Together

At the end of Season 6, Sansa was ready to rule the North with Jon, as he was proclaimed King of the North. But there was Littlefinger lurking nearby, an obvious plan churning in his head. If Jon is able to take the iron throne, and it is proven beyond a doubt that he is a Targaryen, he will have the support of the North, and Sansa, being a true Stark, will help solidify that bond if they are to be married.

It Also Means Some Daenerys Drama

Daenerys is finally sailing for Westeros, ready to claim the throne that she believes to be rightfully hers, so if Jon is there to step in the way of that and reclaim it for his own, if only to overthrow Cersei, there is going to be a problem. And if Jon is already married to Sansa, the hope of a Dany and Jon marriage to rule the iron throne together is also shot, meaning more drama. And we need some to fill up these final two seasons of Game of Thrones.

Can Sansa Get A Break Though? Like, For Real?

Literally every one of Sansa's husbands or husbands-to-be were awful or just awful for her. Joffrey was kind of the worst and Tyrion was drunk for pretty much their entire time together. Then, Sansa was promised Loras Tyrell and she was super excited, and it would have totally worked if he wasn't totally gay and if Tywin hadn't put a kibosh in that right away.

Lastly, there was Ramsay, who made us actually miss Joffrey. Can Sansa get a break and have some sort of a happy ending maybe? I know, she and Sansa grew up as brother and sister, but they were also never that close and he would be perfect for her. Also, he already as a thing for redheads, so there's that.

At this point, it's kind of hard to imagine Jon ever leaving the North, and finding some reason to take the iron throne from Cersei, but if he learns that it is his birthright and that Cersei is too dangerous with all of that power, it might be what leads him to lead yet another war.

The Game of Thrones theory about Sansa and Jon may not be ideal for some fans, and others probably don't care much for Sansa now that we have Cersei on the Iron Throne and Dany about to roll up to try and take it from her, but Sansa has survived this long for a reason. She hasn't gone through all of the Hellish scenarios George R.R. Martin could think of for her, only to be cast aside at the end of the series. There could very well be big plans for her, and this pretty solid theory could be part of them.