This sleeping fish might help babies get to sleep.

We Have To Talk About This Fish That Will Pat Your Baby's Butt Until They Fall Asleep

In the throes of the newborn stage, you'll do pretty much anything to get a break from all of the rocking, swaying, and singing to your fussy baby. But what about letting a fish pat your baby to sleep? Yes, the Sleeping Fish is an actual thing, and at first glance it looks hilarious, but it's honestly pretty genius.

Available from Soursuger, an online retailer known for selling a host of viral products like a snowflake-shaped 18-in-1 multi-use tool and fleece leggings that look like pantyhose, the Sleeping Fish is poised to be another product that spreads like wildfire on social media. Honestly though, just like so many other things from the retailer, as outrageous as this contraption seems, it looks like it could actually be super helpful for parents.

New parents spend an unconscionable amount of time patting, shushing, bouncing, and just generally doing whatever it is they can think of to try and soothe their baby. A gentle tummy pat that never ceases is the only thing that will lull some babies to sleep. If you've ever fallen prey to this phenomenon, you know how incredibly draining it can be to lean over the side of a crib to deliver those relentless pats, trying to slow down the pats so your baby doesn't notice and you can sneak out, but this new fish-shaped contraption might just save your body from hours of agony.

Basically, it's a plush fish that moves rhythmically to allow the tail to deliver a soft swat to your baby's body. The movement looks much like a real fish flopping about when it's out of water, but that motion mimics a calming pat from a caregiver, which can help exhausted parents soothe their baby without lifting a single finger. According to the Soursuger website, the Sleeping Fish has "undergone rigorous scientific and clinical research to get the best frequency of sleeping babies."

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In addition to the patting motion, one version of the Sleeping Fish features LED lights with six colors and plays 20 children's songs to add even more soothing potential. It uses a USB port to charge instead of a battery pack, and features an easily accessible on/off switch.

As far as the look of the Sleeping Fish goes, there are different versions available to order, each one 3D printed to give this toy the look of a real fish, fresh from the ocean. Despite the fact that some of these fish toys look like something you just reeled in on an offshore expedition, it's certainly handier to have around than a bright orange Nemo plush.

There are three versions of the Sleeping Fish for parents to choose from, each with varying capabilities and different price points: non-electric, electric, and LED singing electric. So, if you're a little weirded out by the thought of a wiggling electronic fish flapping around in your baby's crib, but still wanted to snag a stuffed fish for your little that looks pretty lifelike, you may want to opt for the non-electric version.

With so many baby products on the market, sometimes the things you buy just don't work for your little one. It's admittedly tough to shell out a ton of dough for something they may refuse to use or end up hating. (I'm looking at you, $250 baby swing.) Luckily, if your baby doesn't fall for the soothing touch of a pat on the bum from a bass, Soursuger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you (or your baby) are not totally satisfied, you can return your Sleeping Fish within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Worst case scenario though, you're investing in a fun toy that your kid can "catch" from a faux lake made of throw pillows and "cook" over a make-believe campfire when they're a bit older.