This Super Cool Chalk Is Guaranteed To Keep Your Kids Outside All Summer Long

The season of outdoor play is upon us, so it's time to dust off the toys that keep your kids busy in the backyard: sprinklers, bikes, bubbles. But if you're looking for a new addition to your seasonal repertoire, you'll want to check out TWEE's one-of-a-kind chalk line. Your driveway will never be the same.

Although chalk is probably already a summer staple in your home (an artistic toy that is simultaneously a forced outdoor activity? Yes please.), I'm guessing your current coloring options don't come in crazy shapes, like pizza slices and unicorn horns. That's where TWEE comes in, offering brightly colored chalks that come in a variety of novelty shapes. Every TWEE chalk is handmade, and each product has a fun design to appeal to kids' sense of imagination. The company is the brain child of former preschool teacher Kate Leibrand, who first started making the chalks for her students.

"The idea of being able to make it into whatever shape was really interesting," she tells Romper, explaining how she started exploring with different molds as class activities. Her designs became popular at the school, with parents clamoring to have the chalks at their homes after their kids' rave reviews, leading Leibrand to take her designs to Etsy.

Part of the reason for the line's success is it engages kids on multiple levels. "It's not just a toy that kids can make art with," explains Margaux DelCollo, Leibrand's business partner. "It's a beautiful chalk, but it's also a piece of pizza to a three-year-old," feeding into their natural desire for make believe. A focus on imaginative play was important to Leibrand in her product development, as she wants to help children develop their own senses of creativity. "This multifaceted design opens up a whole new layer of play, combining art and imagination in a refreshing way," DelCollo says.

In addition to the unique look of TWEE chalk, each item is designed with the physical capabilities of its young audience in mind. Leibrand thinks about the developmental phase kids are going to be in when they use her products, considering "how a small child is gonna hold and grasp things." For instance, Leibrand's cupcake chalk (featured below) comes in two parts, as a 3-year-old likely wouldn't be able to hold the entire set at once. The chalk is made to be easy to use as little children are still developing their motor skills, so your kiddo will be able to get the most out of their creative play.

Basically, TWEE chalk is as easy for kids to play with as it is aesthetically appealing. You can check out some of their cutest designs below, and head to their Etsy shop or their website to buy them for yourself. Your driveway just got a whole lot cuter.