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Is Jane's Boyfriend On 'Big Little Lies' A Cop? This Theory Is Eye-Opening

Excuse me, but am I supposed to be charmed or creeped out by Jane's new boyfriend on Big Little Lies? When Corey Brockfield was first introduced in Season 2 of the HBO series as Jane's latest love interest he grabbed fans with his awkward-but-friendly personality. But if there's anything viewers know about the men in Monterey, it's that they can't be trusted. And although fans want to see Jane move on after Season 1, recent events have everyone questioning Corey's motives. So what's up with Jane's beau? Well, this Big Little Lies theory about Jane's boyfriend will convince you he's not here for the right reasons.

In a post on Reddit, user ABlokeLikeYou speculated that Corey is a cop on Big Little Lies. And despite his innocent demeanor, the fan challenged the Monterey Bay Aquarium employee's character.

"He's totally a cop," the Redditor wrote. "He's got the whole trying a little too hard to be charmingly awkward thing going on, and it's totally a plot device the show would use."

The fan then revealed that they've been onto the theory since the Big Little Lies Season 2 premiere, but it didn't click until a scene in the fourth episode, titled "She Knows." ABlokeLikeYou explained that during the disco party, Corey was seen surveying the crowd and when he looks over at Celeste, he tried to play it off.

"The direction of the actor is intentional," the fan wrote. "He's scoping out the suspects, trying to get close to Jane so she spills the truth."

Perhaps it's my general distrust towards every man that has made their way on Big Little Lies, but I can see it. Though, does Corey's observant behavior necessarily mean he is an undercover police officer? At the very least, it seems that the disco party scene was meant to bring fans one step closer towards Corey's true character.

In the same thread, Reddit user sordines refuted the original fan theory by citing Corey's "well-established and knowledgeable presence at the aquarium" and position on the autism spectrum.

"None of this says 'undercover cop' to me," the fan wrote. "No agency is gonna use up a bunch of resources to set up a deep embed for a closed case that was buttoned up nicely, in hopes that someone might say something to open it back up again."

Meanwhile, Redditor frannyglass8 hypothesized that "any implication that he might be an undercover cop is a red herring."

Although Big Little Lies is a "soapy show," the fan noted that it would be "incredibly cruel" for Jane's character to receive a storyline filled with mental manipulation after the events that happened in Season 1.

"There's already plenty of cruelty to go around," the Redditor shared. "What with Meryl creep popping up uninvited into everyone’s lives like she’s a character on Gossip Girl." Hilarious, but same.

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So who is Corey if he isn't an undercover cop? It's possible that the Big Little Lies team has other plans for the character. One popular fan theory is that Corey is one of Perry's half-siblings. As Reddit fan Lilfroggies pointed out, it seems a little too convenient that Mary Louise mentioned "Perry's dad had other kids" in a recent episode.

Nonetheless, fans will have some time before Corey and Jane find their happily ever after. When Entertainment Weekly asked Douglas Smith if his character could be Jane's "happy ending," he tip-toed around the subject.

"I don’t know. I hope so," Smith said. "Are there happy endings in life? I think the show’s a little more nuanced than just that simple happy ending."

Big Little Lies Season 2 airs Sunday nights on HBO.