This Unaired 'SNL' Skit With Amy Poehler Shows The Sibling Christmas Fight We've All Had

Last week's Saturday Night Live episode - hosted by soul sisters and comedy powerhouses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, with musical guest Bruce Springsteen- was hailed a success. So, I can't imagine what viewers would have though if this unaired SNL Skit showing two siblings fighting during Christmas, had actually aired. Because, well, we have all been there and this representation of arguably every brother/sister dynamic is as hilarious as it is accurate.

The skit, which was unfortunately cut for time, shows a disappointed mother (played by the always-hilarious Kate McKinnon) scolding her son (played by Kyle Mooney) and her daughter (played by Amy Poehler) for arguing. McKinnon tells the two squalling siblings that they better get along, because "Nana" is "dying, she's dying fast". So unless the two "get it together", they won't be opening presents.

Stuck in a room and forced to "figure it out", the Mooney and Poehler reenact every fight we've all had with our older or younger siblings. From passive aggressively mumbling to calling one another lame and out-dated insults to, eventually, realizing you're both awesome because no one could be worse than your parents, the never-before-seen skit may have hit the cutting room floor, but it also hits oh-so-close to home.

Seriously, stop me if you've used these sibling slights before.

What? What?

The quintessential attack and come back. The word what is so versatile, you guys.

"That's Not Even A Thing"

Ah, the painfully lame insults that never make any sense but still sting.

Inaudible Mumbling

To the credit of siblings everywhere, it is pretty difficult for your annoying brother or sister to formulate a comeback when, you know, they can't necessarily hear your insult.

"Do You Even Know?"

Siblings are so quick to test one another's knowledge about (arguably) trivial things, in an attempt to win the conversation. It's a pretty smart tactic, actually, because one sibling is put on the defense and the reason you two were arguing in the first place is usually forgotten.

But No One Is Worse Than Mom

Of course, and inevitably, the rival siblings will come together because regardless of how much they annoy one another, no one is worse than mom and/or dad.

Thank you, SNL. Christmas might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't relive our holiday sibling fights, one cut-skit at a time.

Images: Saturday Night Live/YouTube/Giphy(5)