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Moms Can't Get Enough Of Tia Mowry Breastfeeding Her 5-Month-Old In This Oh-So-Sweet Photo

by Vanessa Taylor

Tia Mowry is one of those celebrity faves from childhood that you just can't help but root for. Fans are always excited to watch as she continues to makes moves as an entrepreneur, but the moments she shares as a mom are especially adorable and heartwarming. And a recent update of Tia Mowry breastfeeding her 5-month-old in this sweet photo is sure to make you smile.

Mowry is currently married to actor Cory Hardict, who she met while Hardict was waiting for the bus, as reported by MadameNoire. The couple married on April 20, 2008, in California. Since then, they've had two children together. Their son, Cree Taylor Hardict, was born on June 28, 2011. Recently, Mowry gave birth to the couple's second child on May 5, 2018 — a daughter named Cairo Tiahna Hardict.

Since then, fans have really looked forward to receiving updates and watching as baby Cairo continues to grow. And Mowry's most recent Instagram upload is yet another sweet glimpse into motherhood and little Cairo's life.

On Oct. 9, Mowry shared a photo of herself breastfeeding Cairo on Instagram, captioning the picture, "This is Love. #breastfeeding#motherhood#5months."

It might seem like a simple selfie, but fans absolutely loved it.

"Beautiful pic...Motherhood is amazing..." one user commented. Another added, "Wow you are true a good mother god bless you tia."

In the photo, Mowry is rocking a bare-faced, no make-up look, which other people appreciated seeing. One fan commented, "I adore you for sharing this!! Seeing the real you, bare and all is beautiful & inspiring. A bond like no other. You are amazing!"

Another user was particularly happy to see representation of a Black mother breastfeeding her baby, commenting, "You’re doing an amazing thing for you and your baby. Not to mention other women...Thanks for #normalizingbreastfeeding and showing the world #blackwomendobreastfeed."

In the past, Mowry has been honest about motherhood, and that includes her experiences breastfeeding. Back in September, Mowry shared a picture of herself breast pumping on Instagram, captioned, "The life of a working mother 😌 #breastfeeding#5months#motherhood#momlife#pumping."

"We need more pics like these," one user said underneath Mowry's breast pump pic.

"This picture is so real! From the sweatshirt, to the pump and mummy tummy. Love it," another said.

When you remember that breastfeeding in public only became legal in all 50 states in July 2018, as reported by USA Today, it shows just how powerful moms sharing moments like this can be.

If it isn't clear from her photo, Mowry has been outspoken about a mom's right to breastfeed before. When public breastfeeding originally became legal in all states, Mowry reportedly told Essence, “I’m just gonna be really honest with you, I think it’s awesome and amazing that we now can [all] breastfeed in public."

On the flip side, Mowry has also been real about difficulties she's faced breastfeeding. Although she breastfeeds Cairo, she openly discussed being unable to breastfeed her oldest child, Cree, for some time on Instagram. In a June 19 post of herself and Cairo, Mowry wrote:

Coming up for air. Boobs glorious boobs. Feeling pretty good! Wasn’t able to breastfeed Cree for long because of low milk supply! However, this time around I have plenty. Lots of teas, water, #fenugreek, and a high protein diet has contributed! More importantly, say no to stress!! I’m able to pump 12 ounces alone in the morning for my little brown suga!

While not every mom can or wants to breastfeed for a variety of reasons, Mowry's willingness to document her experience — the good, the bad, and everything in-between — is definitely helpful and refreshing for her fans to see. As Cairo continues to grow, fans are undoubtedly looking forward to some more heartwarming updates like this sweet photo.