Tim Kaine's Response To The Election Results Give Hope, Despite The Devastating Loss


It's hard to believe the election is over, but everyone knows the real work is just beginning. Although I've personally felt defeated, tired, and scared throughout most of this election night, there is still hope to be found with Tim Kaine's response to the election results. The Virginia senator gave an inspiring response that proves he's still with us, even if it's not in his intended capacity.

On the morning of Nov. 9, Clinton, Kaine, and their campaign team make their way to the New Yorker Hotel to address the nation on the results of election night. Faced with the tasks of keeping supporter's hope alive and introducing the presidential nominee, Kaine took the stage and reassured everyone watching that things would be OK someday.


When it was announced that Kaine would be making it on the Democratic Party ticket for the election, there wasn't a huge response. According to The Washington Post, only 35 percent of voters were actually excited to see him as the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate. But as the election went on, CNN noted that voters warmed to him and his platform, especially as he continued to play what he called "defense" for his running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In fact, Kaine had been shattering ceilings along with Clinton through this entire election. According to The New York Times, Kaine delivered an imperfect speech entirely in Spanish at a rally on Nov. 3 in Phoenix — a historic first. Kaine learned Spanish in 1980 when he worked with missionaries in Honduras and said at the rally that it was his idea to give a speech in Spanish because of the demographics of Arizona.

It's things like that that make me cherish Kaine for who he is as a man, a senator, and as someone who will continue to fight for us. He is listening. He is paying attention. CNN noted that Kaine's support of LGBT rights even carried into his faith, where he proudly proclaimed that as a Catholic, he believed in the God his church taught him about, the one that looked at all of mankind and declared it to be good.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attends a campaign event with her running mate Tim Kaine, October 22, 2016 at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. / AFP / Robyn Beck (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

He is a man who stands by his faith, but he also stands by his fellow man. According to NPR, while Kaine has said that he follows the Catholic church as a way to live his own life, he doesn't believe he should force his church's teachings on others. In fact, while he may be against abortion because of his own beliefs, he stands by his party's belief that it's not up to him to decide that — a woman has a right to choose.

And as if all of his campaigning hasn't proved that he's with us just as much as he's with her, his response to losing the election alongside Clinton does. Kaine knows the country is scared. He knows that these election results went against everything a lot of people wanted. His tweet about his daughter proved that he knew why people were voting for him — they wanted a better life for their children, for their daughters. They wanted someone in the office who was going to fight for them every step of the way, who was going to embrace other cultures, other religions, and who was going to stand next to every single one of your daughters and say, "Your body is your body."

They wanted Tim Kaine.

The election has been a historic one to say the least. And while our country still has a long way to go, especially because of the damage and separation the election caused, I'm confident that with Kaine as a public official, we can get to where we need to be — together.