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Oh Happy Day, The TJ Maxx Website Is Open Again (But You Better Get Up Early)

Forget about not seeing friends or family — or even having to homeschool your kids. The pandemic has caused many stores to shutter (some temporarily, and some, sadly, permanently), which id probably sending your need for retail therapy into overdrive. But there’s finally a ray of light in the middle of all this quarantine chaos — TJ Maxx just relaunched its website, so you can start shopping for candles, creams, and all unnecessary (but oh so necessary) items right now. (Well, sort of. Keep reading.)

When the quarantine caused many brick and mortar stores to shut down, retailers turned to their websites as a way to keep their revenue stream, well, flowing. But TJX Companies (which owns Marshall’s, HomeGoods, and TJ Maxx) also shut down their website, to the absolute horror of countless shoppers. Now that many states have started their reopening efforts, more and more retail stores, including TJ Maxx, are welcoming shoppers once again.. Alas, the crowds are just as unsettlingly large as you're probably imagining, reported Yahoo! Life, including an equally unsettlingly large number of people without masks. So for cautious shoppers, TJ Maxx relaunching their website is fabulous news.

Of course, nothing in life is quite that simple. Here’s where it gets interesting, and dare we say, exciting. While the online retailer is open for browsing 24/7, there’s a limit to the total number of orders that can be placed daily. If you don’t get your order in early enough, you’re going to see a very sad sign on the site that reads: "We’ve reached our order limit for today. Please try again tomorrow.”

The good news is that you can still browse the site, but you’ll have to wait until the next day to add your items to your cart and check out. So the early bird catches the worm — or in this case, the clearance items. (And if you sleep late, try Sierra, the TJ Maxx outdoor store. Their website is open 24/7 and it's not just camping equipment; Sierra has clothes, home decor, pet supplies, and much more.)

This will come as good news to all of the Maxxinistas in the Twitterverse, who have been commiserating together.

So until you can commandeer a red and gold wagon and wheel it through the aisles once again, set your alarm clocks so you can crush the competition in a race for curtains, cookware, and all those other amazing goodies at TJ Maxx that just make life better.