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TNT’s 'Supernatural' Halloween Marathon Includes Some Memorable Moments

Right now, things are grim on Supernatural. Michael has left Dean’s body, but Dean himself is still grappling with the aftermath of being possessed by the powerful archangel. Michael’s minions are wreaking havoc on the world with plans to demolish the human race and while this is just another Thursday night on Supernatural, this might be the darkest timeline yet. So what better escape than to look back on the show’s best episodes with TNT’s Supernatural Halloween marathon schedule?

I don't think the marathon will have literally all of the best episodes to date, but the lineup certainly has some of the more memorable and scarier episodes. It's hard to really be spooked by an episode of Supernatural when you have Dean’s cheeky one-liners, but some of the episodes in TNT’s schedule are a little creepier than others. And on Halloween, that’s exactly what you need.

The marathon starts at 8 a.m. ET and runs until 8 p.m. ET and the episodes themselves are from Seasons 1-4. So while it’s not exactly an entire collection of the best and scariest Supernatural episodes, it will be like walking down memory lane back to the beginning of the long running CW fantasy drama.

8 a.m. Season 4 Episode 7 — "It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

Named after the popular Charlie Brown Halloween special, this episode has a lot more blood and demons than usual and is easily one of the more memorable episodes.

9 a.m. Season 4 Episode 5 — "Monster Movie"

The entire episode is in black and white and plays out like an old movie and it’s kind of amazing.

10 a.m. Season 2 Episode 18 — "Hollywood Babylon"

"Hollywood Babylon" is kind of meta, in that the brothers investigate murders on the set of a movie, but you get to see the ever charming Dean fanboy over one of the actors.

11 a.m Season 3 Episode 13 — "Ghostfacers"

The episode is a take on literally all of the reality ghost hunting shows on TV, only it’s with Dean and Sam at the helm. I just don't know why it took until Season 3 to have this masterpiece.

12 p.m. Season 1 Episode 1 — "Pilot"

This was the episode that started it all, so if there’s one to absolutely not miss, especially for new curious viewers, then this is it.

1 p.m Season 2 Episode 4 — "Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things"

This is another ghost-themed episode, but since the Supernatural marathon on TNT is on Halloween, the decision was probably deliberate.

2 p.m Season 1 Episode 19 — "Provenance"

"Provenance" is about the brothers investigating a potentially haunted old family portrait and it’s legitimately one of the scarier episodes.

3 p.m. Season 2 Episode 11 — "Playthings"

Once again, Sam and Dean are investigating possible ghosts in this episode, only it’s as a roadside inn where a little girl has an imaginary friend too. I’m honestly already creeped out by where the episode could go.

4 p.m. Season 1 Episode 15 — "The Benders"

In this episode, the threat is sadistic humans rather than supernatural beings, but you know our boys will save the day regardless.

5 p.m. Season 3 Episode 2 — "The Kids Are Alright"

Dean and Sam investigate a town of kids who probably belong in Children of the Corn more than anything once a demonic parasite takes on their forms.

6 p.m Season 4 Episode 11 — "Family Remains"

The brothers are, once again, ghost hunters in this episode, when they investigate a potentially haunted abandoned house.

7 p.m. Season 1 Episode 5 — "Bloody Mary"

One of the creepier episodes of the marathon was saved for last. Just like the title of the episode suggests, this one is about Sam and Dean trying to destroy the spirit of the mirror-dwelling Bloody Mary before she can kill again.

TNT’s Supernatural marathon is in no particular order and really has no rhyme or reason. But Halloween is the perfect day out of the year to relive all of the best monsters and demons from Supernatural’s early days. And since the marathon runs for literally 12 hours straight, you have no real excuse not to steal some of your kid’s Halloween candy and tune in to some of it.