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These Top 20 English Baby Names Aren't Just Trending Across The Pond

While there may be many cultural differences between American parents and our English counterparts across the pond, scoping out lists of baby name rankings when it comes time to name a newborn is a universal activity. English parents have been known to follow baby naming trends just like we do here in the U.S. (think lots of Georges and Charlottes). These 20 top English baby names are those that currently rank highest among English parents according to a mid-year report by Baby Centre using data from UK users to determine which baby names are trending.

As a 2018 report by the Office for National Statistics in London found, the region where a baby resides often influences which name they're given. Of the 679,106 live births in the UK in 2017, babies were "given 63,697 distinct names and with just 73 unique names ranking first across 347 local areas." So, some names are more popular than others, but their data shows that the top-ranking names in England are different regionally.

Reading through the list of 20 top English baby names, you'll likely notice that not all popular English baby names have royal roots — and that "Archie" isn't trending quite yet. Some British parents are opting to go a more unique route when it comes to naming their babies, finding connection instead to pop culture references, like movies and music. But, you're still sure to find plenty of classic names filling English classrooms for years to come as parents hold tightly to names like "Oliver" year after year.



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This ever-popular English baby name is still standing strong in the top spot for baby girls this year, according to a report by Baby Centre. The website notes that Olivia, made popular thanks to Shakespeare, remains so in part due to the popularity of UK celebrities like Olivia Colman and fashion icon Olivia Palmero.



As reported by the Office for National Statistics, Muhammad was largely popular in London proper in 2017, and according to Baby Centre has taken the top spot for boy baby names in the UK the past two years and doesn't appear to be giving up the lead anytime soon.



Sofia topped The Independent's list of most popular English baby names in 2018, and Baby Centre reports the name is hanging out in the number two spot according to the baby name data they've collected so far in 2019.



While this is the second most popular boy baby name in the UK this year so far according to Baby Centre, Noah continues to conjure images of the dreamy main character in The Notebook for plenty of millennial parents as they name their babies.



Baby Centre reports that Lily is tending upward for popular UK baby names in 2019. Although the name has Latin roots, the flowery name is also that of beloved book character Harry Potter's mother.



It is no surprise that the name of the oldest Cambridge child, George, is reported to be the third most popular boy baby name in England this year by Baby Centre. If every British baby could be as adorable as the stately prince, I'm sure they would all use this name as well.



Even though she is an actress in U.S. film and television, Resse Witherspoon named her daughter Ava back in 1999 and the name has remained steadily popular since, both in the states and abroad. Baby Centre reports that Ava is the fourth most popular girl baby name in the UK so far in 2019.



The Office for National Statistics reported that in 2017, Oliver was the top boy baby name for the fourth year in a row. After being topped by Mohammed in 2018, the traditional name has slipped to the number four spot in the ranking of popular UK baby boy names so far in 2019 according to Baby Centre.



Although The Independent reported Mia was the ninth most popular baby name in the UK for 2018, the name has climbed up to the fifth spot on Baby Centre's list of trending English baby names this year. Baby Centre also reports that Mia is the Scandinavian form of Maria, and means "bitter."



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As a shortened form of the traditional royal name Charles, Charlie holds the number five spot on Baby Centre's list of popular baby boy names in the UK so far in 2019.



The universal popularity of Australian-born actress Isla Fisher may be partially to thank for the trending baby name Isla, according to Baby Centre, who ranks Isla in the sixth spot for popular girl baby names in the UK.



Thanks mostly to the ever-popular prince, the name Harry has been consistently in the top 10 most popular baby boy names in the UK since the early 2000s, according to the Office for National Statistics. Baby Centre also reports that the popularity of Harrys Potter and Styles may also have to do with the upward trending of this name.



According to Baby Centre, Amelia sits at number seven on the list of top baby names in the UK for girls so far in 2019, the same spot The Independent reported the name at on their list of popular English baby names in 2018. If you love the name Amelia, but are looking for something just a bit different, take a look at this list for inspiration.



Latin for "lion," the name Leo is trending in the number six spot of popular boy baby names in the UK, according to Baby Centre. This name oozes power and strength, but it's also ridiculously cute, making it an easy choice for parents wanting a versatile baby name.



The name Freya has climbed a whopping 15 places from number 23 of popular English baby names, according to Baby Centre. Of Scandinavian origin, the unique name of the mythological goddess of love is gaining traction with British parents.



While it's no Archie, Arthur is a traditional name with Celtic origins that has continued to steadily gain in popularity since 2009, according to the Office for National Statistics. Baby Centre reports that Arthur is currently the seventh most popular English boy name.



The name for Isabella — or, Bella for short — is popular thanks in part to the main character in the Twilight series, Isabella "Bella" Swan, and has been a constant on top English baby names lists for several years, according to Baby Centre.



From 2000 to 2008, Jack held the top spot of most popular English baby name for boys, according to the Office for National Statistics, and is still hanging on to a single-digit ranking according to Baby Centre's list for this year so far, coming in at number nine.



The traditional, yet always elegant, Emily remains a mainstay as a popular baby name in the UK according to Baby Centre. The Office for National Statistics showed Emily rising steadily in popularity in England since the 1980s and peaking in the early 2000s, but remaining high on lists since.



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While I cannot help but think of Englishman and former Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury when I hear this popular English baby name, Baby Centre notes that the name Freddie stems from an Old German name Friduric, meaning "peaceful ruler."