Transcript of Donald Trump's Convention Speech Displays Quest For Unity & Inclusivity


The grand finale of the Republication National Convention — when Donald Trump will officially accept the presidential nomination — marks the moment that many conservative voters have excitedly anticipated, and that some GOP leaders have not-so-subtly dreaded. That's exactly that type of division within the party that the theme of the night, "Make America One Again," seeks to remedy. And the leaked draft transcript of Donald Trump's convention speech shows that the man aspiring to ascend to the Oval Office as Commander-in-Chief knows he need to appeal to a broader and more diverse electorate, pivoting (if only temporarily) from his bombastic campaign strategy of insulting others first and decidedly not apologizing later.

Trump had planned to to deliver the speech to the world after an introduction from his daughter, Ivanka. But hours before the speech was to take place, major news outlets began publishing a draft of the speech. His strategy is to position himself as the "law and order candidate," asserting that he'll protect each and every American.

"I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens," the speech reach.

Trump's adult children have acted as stabilizing, humanizing forces throughout his tumultuous campaign and as well as during the dramatic convention, when each of them gave speeches enumerating on his kinder qualities, selflessness, and business acumen. Some prominent party leaders have been conspicuously unconvinced, though, either opting to skip the convention entirely or, in the case of former Trump opponent Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, refusing to endorse the nominee from the stage in Cleveland.

Amid the clear fractions among the conservative elite, Trump's speech attempted to both assuage the trepidation of his non-Chris Christie colleagues and woo voters he's previously alienated by promising to bring them safe neighborhoods and protect them from terrorism. The polls will decide whether he succeeded.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images
CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 21: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump test the teleprompters and microphones on stage before the start of the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Ivanka will introduce her father before he gives his acceptance speech tonight, the final night of the convention. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

A full transcript of Donald Trump's remarks can be found below: