'TrollsTopia' brings together the six different troll communities.

A Fun New 'Trolls' Series Is Coming To Hulu Later This Month

If your kids were wondering what happened to Poppy and the rest of the gang after Trolls World Tour, they'll be excited to see a new series called TrollsTopia coming to Hulu in November. Queen Poppy is coming back with all of her high energy excitement as she tries to combine all six troll worlds to make one massive community. Sort of like a music festival, but with trolls and it never ends.

The new animated series TrollsTopia sees Poppy setting out to visit all of the delegates from the different musical Troll communities. As anyone who saw Dreamworks' Trolls World Tour from earlier this year already knows, Queen Poppy set off with pals Branch and Biggie to discover that Pop Village, where she reigns as the singing sovereign, is not the only village of trolls. There is also a Country and Western set of trolls along with Classical, Techno, Hard Rock, and Funk.

Instead of all of those communities living separately, Poppy hopes to bring them all to live together in one big TrollsTopia.

The latest installment in the Trolls universe drops all 13 episodes on Nov. 19 on the Disney-owned streaming service Hulu and features the voice talents of Amanda Leighton, Skylar Astin, Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live), Jeanine Mason (Grey’s Anatomy, Roswell), Kevin Michael Richardson (Trolls World Tour, American Dad) to name a few.

A new trailer for the series shows Poppy bringing everyone together. And, spoiler alert, it looks like she's going to be successful.

As with the rest of the Trolls franchise, kids can expect to be treated to some cute characters and fun music. If little ones need a refresher about some of the great Trolls music, why not check out some of the original Trolls soundtrack and reconnect with Justin Timberlake, who voiced Branch in the original and Trolls World Tour and also produced the soundtrack?

TrollsTopia looks like it will offer some reassuring, familiar, musical entertainment in its own right. Judging from the trailer alone, when one particularly enthusiastic hard rock troll offers a screaming version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" which you know kids are going to copy every chance they get.

You can start streaming all 13 episodes of TrollsTopia on Nov. 19 on Hulu.