20 Adorable Times Khloé Kardashian Captured Her Daughter True Being A Total Cutie Pie

It seems impossible, I know, but Khloé Kardashian's adordable daughter True Thompson is officially 2 years old! So to celebrate her official entry into the toddler years, courtesy of her adoring mom's many photos and videos, let's have a look back at some of True Thompson's cutest moments thus far.

Little True Thompson, whom Kardashian shares with her ex Tristan Thompson, was born in Cleveland on April 12, 2018 with her aunts Kourtney and Kim Kardashian on hand to support her mom. Even Kardashian can't believe how quickly time has flown by. "I can’t believe my baby will be TWO this Sunday," Kardashian tweeted ahead of her daughter's birthday. "time flies so quickly!!! I’m so grateful for every second."

Since her birth, True has become the center of Kardashian's world, featuring heavily in her mom's social media feed on a regular basis. And why not? Kardashian had spent years training to be a mom by being a super cool aunt to her many nieces and nephews, so that by the time she welcomed her own sweet little girl she was ready to have a blast with it. Luckily for her, little True seemed to be born ready for the role. Ready to dress in piles of adorable Halloween costumes or wear matching pajamas with her mom or play with her cute little cousins, as evidenced by these sweet moments below.

True Rocking A Headband

In June 2018, True was just a few months old but already setting style trends with her sweet headband.

True Hanging Out With Her BFF

True and her mom, aka "best friends," looked like they were having a great time chatting and hanging out in December 2019.

Good Hair & Window Kisses

True loves her mom so much ,she was kissing her through a window in November 2019.

Chilling With Chicago

True and her two cousins, Stormi Webster and Chicago West, were born within months of each other. Their closeness in age makes for some pretty cute Instagram moments, like this one of the cousins on vacation together in August.

Baby True Loving Herself

True already knew how to take some time for self-affirmation back in April 2019, checking herself in the mirror and giving herself a little kiss. Probably because her mom started doing "positive affirmations" with her before she was 1 year old to make sure she feels beautiful.

True & Her Glam Gear

True was taking care of some serious pampering in January 2019. Has there been a more glamorous baby ever?

True Doing Her Best Cardi B

Kris Jenner tried to do her "best Cardi B" with Kardashian and True on holiday in September 2018, but I think we can all agree True wins.

Sunglasses & Pajamas

Kim Kardashian's 7-year-old daughter North is a bit of an icon, but it looks like her cousin True was giving her a run for her money in February. Heart-shaped sunglasses with pajamas? Amazing.

Cooler Than Mom?

Her mom might be a world famous reality star, but when she tries singing at the table in a February post, True looks like she has no time for her silliness. And so it begins.

All About Pink

True looks dazzled by her personal pink Christmas tree. As we all are.

Cousins & Cupcakes

The crew of little ones in the Kardashian/Jenner family all showed up for a cupcake party in October 2018, including Stormi Webster, True, Chicago Kardashian-West, Dream Kardashian, and Saint Kardashian-West. True's headband game was already strong.

A "Baby Bread Baker"

Some kids might wait until after their second birthday to try baking bread, but not True — she was already going for it last November.

Winner Of Halloween

True's first Halloween saw her wearing several costumes including a unicorn that matched her mom's pajamas. But I think the clear winner is this baby lamb.

Cutest Accessory

True was having the time of her life inside her mom's designer handbag.


It can't be easy having your photo taken all the time because you're so darn cute, but True proves she loves it in a video her mom shared in December where she can be heard saying "Cheese!" as soon as she sees the camera.

Giving Aunt Kim Some Competition

Kim Kardashian is famously photogenic, but little True is equal to the task in a sweet photo with her loving aunt.

Loving Life

Has anyone ever been happier about life than True in this photo from January 2019? I think they bright yellow headband helps.

Good Mom To Her Dolls

When True wanted to put her baby down for "night night," her mom offered to help. But she stoically declined, deciding to do it her own way.

Dancing Queen

In February, True and her mom enjoyed a little dance party moment and she clearly has some good moves.

"How I Feel About 2020"

Khloé's caption for this photo from March 13, "How I feel about 2020" really says it all.