Like All Moms, Khloé Kardashian Is Very Emotional About Her Daughter's First Birthday

A first birthday is a big milestone. Huge. It's a turning of the page when you no longer necessarily count your baby's life in months, but in years. Every parent reacts differently to their child turning 1 year old, but one thing is for sure — everyone feels some way about it. And as Khloé Kardashian's daughter True's first birthday approaches, she is clearly having some pretty strong feelings herself.

It's difficult to believe that one entire year has past since True Thompson was born in Cleveland, Ohio. And yet so much has changed since April 12, 2018 for both Khloé and her daughter True that in some ways it feels like a lifetime ago.

The mom and daughter duo started out in Cleveland living with True's dad, Tristan Thompson. But then there were some cheating scandals, as outlined by Cosmopolitan, not that we really need to go into those yet again, some heartbreak and sadness.

Now the Good American jean designer is living back in Los Angeles close to her family, including all of those sweet little Kardashian-Jenner cousins. It seems that Khloé is raising True on her own and looks to be enjoying every moment of it. Which is perhaps why she's feeling a bit anxious about her baby girl turning 1 on Friday, as she noted on Twitter.

"Is it weird that I think I’m having anxiety thinking True will be one on Friday?!?!" the anxious but proud mom wrote on Twitter. "I’m sad Time is flying as fast as it is. I’ll be happy, of course, I simply can’t understand where the time goes. Thank you Lord for every moment bring me the tissue."

This is clearly a pretty typical reaction parents have when their babies turn 1 year old, as evidenced by all of the other parents who sent Khloé sweet words of support on social media.

True is the third of the so-called "Kardashian triplets" to turn 1; Kim Kardashian West's baby girl Chicago turned 1 on Jan. 15 while Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi turned 1 on Feb. 1. You would think those practice birthdays might help Khloé prepare for the big day, but she told People she is struggling to come to terms with True growing up no matter how "corny" it sounds. "It’s so corny but you don’t realize how fast time goes by until you see a child growing in front of you," she said. "It’s scary and sad because it goes so fast. Can we slow down time?"

How does True feel about it? Well, she is pretty happy just kissing herself in mirrors so I feel like she's not that concerned.

As anxious as the Revenge Body host might be about her little girl turning 1 (and can we all just admit we're dying to see what her birthday party looks like?), she told People wouldn't change a thing about her time with her daughter. "I am so utterly obsessed with her. This first year has been amazing," she said. "And I really feel like I was meant to do this."

As a mom myself, I can tell her that each stage has something pretty miraculous about it. Perhaps the best is yet to come for Khloé and True.