Beth Fired Off A Scandalous Sex Burn On 'MAFS' & Twitter Went Wild

Jamie and Beth have enjoyed some of the highest highs on Season 9 of Married at First Sight, but they've also suffered some of the lowest lows. On the Jul. 24 episode, things between the couple came to a head, with Jamie and his family getting judgey that Beth worked for her dad, and Beth straight up attacking Jamie's sexual prowess. Tweets about Beth on Married at First Sight agreed that although she was being pretty unreasonable during the fight, her jab at "basic caucasian sex" was a universal hit.

To his credit, Jamie did seem to want to address the shortcomings in their relationship in a serious way when he first initiated a conversation with Beth in their living room. But after a month of cohabitation, Beth was getting a little tired of the constant relationship processing. On the other hand, Beth is a self-admitted jokester with a "free spirited" personality who tends to be more reserved about expressing her deeper emotions.

It seems pretty obvious that Jamie is just trying to get through to his wife in a way that feels mutually satisfying. But as long as Beth avoids his deep conversations, he's just going to keep begging for deep conversations. So Beth is only going to have to face more relationship "therapy sessions" she doesn't want to have, and on and on the cycle will go.

Among the topics Jamie feebly attempted to broach during their disastrous chat was the question of the couple's physical intimacy. Although they had pretty off-the-charts chemistry and comfort with one another in the beginning, it would appear that the initial spark has fizzled. Jamie resents Beth for shooting him down when he wants to have sex, but Beth maintains that they were having sex four to five times a week, which seems like plenty for a couple in their early 30s!

The true home run of her argument, however, came when she pointed out that Jamie didn't actually initiate sex with any kind of foreplay, romance, gift-giving, or any of the other love languages.

"This is the first time you've ever brought me flowers or anything. Not even like a back massage, nothing. You don't initiate anything," she explains. "You just do like, basic caucasian sex. It's like, bam bam done."

Uh, needless to say, Twitter died.

That dashed Jamie's hopes for a serious sex talk pretty quickly, and he shut down the conversation after that. But his point that Beth uses humor as a defense is a valid one. She has a demonstrated tendency of weaponizing her insecurities by making cruel jokes about them instead of facing them head-on. But she struggled to take accountability, apologize, or understand where Jamie was coming from, even as he collected his cat and made a move to leave their shared home for good.

This relationship definitely seems doomed if the couple doesn't get over themselves enough to have difficult, vulnerable conversations with each other, without resorting to jokes or storming out. You can see how they fare this season when Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights on Lifetime.