John Fleenor/ABC

Hannah's Fall On 'The Bachelorette' Was Basically Her Wall Jump

Ever since a promo for The Bachelorette showed Hannah falling in the street, it became the equivalent to Colton's fence jump from last season on The Bachelor. It was a scene fans were understandably curious about since the promo made it seem like one of the most dramatic moments of the season. Now that it finally happened, the tweets about Hannah's fall on The Bachelorette prove that it was the moment fans were looking forward to.

Some fans on Twitter saw Hannah's fall in the street as unnecessary to show, given that she had already been through enough up until that point. It was clear that choosing between so many men was hard enough for Hannah, let alone trying to decide between her final two. As she geared up to take the final step in her Bachelorette journey, Hannah felt the pressure and just had to get out of the car she was in to get some air and, probably, some clarity.

But heels and an incline in the street do not mix and Hannah learned that the hard way as she tried to gather her thoughts and get away from the cameras for a minute of peace as she worked through her thoughts.

Hannah was basically anyone who has ever wanted to just get away, but also happened to be in heels and succumbed to the nature of navigating uneven pavement in spike heels. But the important thing about some of the Twitter reactions to Hannah's fall was it proved how much fans are still rooting for Hannah to have what she deserves and what she has always wanted at the end of this — an engagement with a man who loves her and vice versa.

Secondhand embarrassment memes aside, Bachelorette fans mostly felt bad for Hannah. She had to deal with falling in the middle of the street on camera on top of already having a hard time with the end of her season. It's a lot for anyone.

Hannah has worn her heart on her sleeve all season. When the men upset her, she talked about it with them, and when she was conflicted about their feelings for others, she let it be known. It wasn't a surprise to many when she found it hard to work through her feelings between Jed and Tyler to pick just one to be with. She has been open about her feelings, good and bad, with everyone, from producers to the guys, so Hannah's fall in the street was like a culmination of all of those feelings and more bubbling to the surface yet again.

Chris Harrison recently opened up about Hannah's fall to Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima on The Ringer's Bachelor Party podcast. He explained that he wasn't with Hannah when the fall happened, but he understood what was going through her mind at the time.

"She was in heels, she needed some air," Harrison said. "Obviously she's about to make the biggest, most important decision of her life. I think the world was closing in on her."

Hannah falling in the street was one of the big moments fans had been looking forward to this season. When it finally happened, they had a lot to say, but at the end of the day, fans just want Hannah to find what she went on the show for. Hannah fell because she already had so much going through her mind on top of trying to choose between Jed and Tyler. It was understandable that she give in to the stress that comes with being the Bachelorette. Hopefully in the end, it will have all been worth it for her.